Summer Capsule Wardrobe for Women

Summer Capsule Wardrobe for Women

Capsule wardrobes are a woman’s secret dream: all of the outfits you want without losing any closet space. However, making a capsule wardrobe takes planning. It also depends on the person and her lifestyle. So it’s important to figure out what’s going to work for you so you can plan around that. The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to reduce the stress of an overflowing closet with seemingly nothing to wear and the anxiety that can come from trying to choose an outfit. Now, to make yours.

The easiest way to make a capsule wardrobe is to choose pieces that go with each other. Some interpret this to mean the colors all have to go together, and yes, that is helpful, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Sometimes we feel one way or another, sometimes we are one thing that requires a specific style of clothes and then there are other events or errands that require a different set of clothes from that. Here are some ideas for how to focus your wardrobe so you have everything you need while eliminating the superfluous.

What to Take Into Consideration

As said above, take into account what you are going to be up to this summer. Will you be spending more time outside or inside? Will you be working a lot or relaxing on vacation? Planning your clothes based on what you are actually going to be doing is important.

What about the sort of look you want from your wardrobe? Beachy chic? Elegantly casual? Coolly sophisticated? Find a phrase that you want to describe you this summer and try to keep all of your pieces in line with that idea. This is a feeling, a vibe you are trying to create beyond the simple categories of “formal” or “informal.”

Hopefully, these suggestions have helped you come up with what is specifically you. For some people, that’s all the direction they need and they are off and running to the store. For those who need a few more ideas, read on!

Elements of a Capsule Wardrobe

In general, a summer capsule wardrobe will have a certain number of pieces and a minimum of each kind of piece. For tops, keep in mind you will need at least five. If you spend your weekends at the beach in your bathing suit, these five will cover your workweek. For more top options, plan on several outerwear pieces, say three or more. You should have a minimum of three bottoms, though you may need a few more, and at least one dress since, of course, summer!

Keeping these guidelines in mind, here are some basic pieces that you should take merely as starting points. Chose colors, necklines, and designs that fit best on you and make you feel good, as well as clothes that will be ideal for summer.

What Goes on Top

First up, your tops. Find a combination of women’s T-shirts and tank tops in white, a color you like or two, and a pattern, like stripes. Keep in mind, summer colors are lighter and these will be doubling as your basics, so when in doubt, go simple so you can match them with other things. Have a light-colored or white blouse and another in a floral print to give yourself a few dressy options. If you want a more refined look, go with more blouses and fewer T-shirts.

Then to complete what’s on top, your overwear. A kimono cover-up wrap could be a nice, summery option that you could take to the beach, use as loungewear on a chill Saturday, or, if it is nice enough, layer it over one of the tops to rejuvenate an outfit. Another nice summer layering piece is a jean jacket. Again, if you are interested in a bit more of a formal style, you can switch the jean jacket with a summer blazer. Both of these tops are great because they button up, leaving just a peep of your top and creating a whole new look.

What Goes on Bottom

Now for the bottoms. Generally, for summer, stick with jeans and white bottoms. You will want some combination of pants and shorts, maybe even shake things up with a pair of capri pants. Many go with a pair of each color in each cut. It’s up to you. Also, having a skirt or skort as another bottom piece can give your wardrobe a little more diversity, or you can also wear your tops over your summer dress! A floral print cotton dress is a lovely summer choice. If you are a dress kind of girl, add a couple more in different designs, like a maxi dress and a fit-and-flare dress. Dresses make beautiful additions to any closet.

And finally, the swimsuit. What summer would be complete without a swimsuit? Answer: no summer. A one-piece or long tankini are versatile choices since they can double as an extra top when worn under a pair of shorts. Or you could go for a modest swim dress you can wear to places other than the beach. Again, the idea is to give you options.

Lastly, throw in a pair of sneakers, heels, flats, or sandals and you have your summer wardrobe ready for the season!


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