How to Have the A Great Cabin Vacation This Summer

Cabin in the Woods: The Perfect Summer Retreat (And What You’ll Need for it)

Sure, summer may be synonymous with trips to the beach and resort vacations, but the summer season also goes hand-in-hand with cabin stays. They’re relaxing, restful, and often accompanied by a trip to the lake (so, be sure to pack your swimsuit or pond. And what’s more summery than that?

If you’re planning a trip to a cabin in the woods this summer, here’s what you need to make it a great getaway.

Decide on Your Desired Cabin Style

There are many different kinds of cabins—you can choose a cabin with all of the fixings of your own home (a kitchen, full bathroom and shower, electricity, and plenty of cozy throw blankets, or you can go more rustic with a rustic cabin—meaning no electricity or running water.

Before booking your relaxing cabin stay, be sure to decide what kind of camping experience you and your family want. If your family expects to be able to use WiFi and have a working fridge, they won’t be thrilled to be stuck in a rustic cabin.

Prepare for the Cabin’s Offerings

Is your rental cabin near a lake or ocean, or does it have a pool? Pack a bathing suit. Is your rental cabin at the top of a chilly mountain? Pack yourself fleece sweaters. Is your cabin near the area’s best hiking trails? Bring your hiking shoes!

To create the best summer getaway experience, you’ll want to make sure you have what you need to take full advantage of the fun offerings that are near your cabin. And if your cabin doesn’t have something you want (like, if you know you’ll crave water time but your cabin isn’t near the lake), bring it along. You can bring a kiddie pool to satisfy your family’s water needs or bring marshmallows to roast if you wish your cabin was a little more rustic.

Do a Classic Craft, Like Tie-Dyeing

In an article for Vogue, author Madeline Fass notes that “tie-dye has become an essential part of the everyday summer uniform.”

To lean into this unofficial “summer uniform,” bring some plain white T-shirts — women’s t-shirts, kid’s t-shirts, men’s T-shirts—along for some tie-dying fun at your cabin.

Tie-dying is a relaxing activity for all (and one that doesn’t involve screen time) that can be done at any point during a summer cabin trip. It’ll get you and your family outdoors, too.

Bring Games!

Family (and friend!) trips are instantly better with board games. Why? Well, cabin stays are naturally quieter than their right-by-the-amusement-park alternative, so you’ll like want to pack some fun entertainment.

Pack some games in your canvas tote bag and make sure you bring enough games to keep your loved ones entertained for the duration of the trip (this will also help you prepare for rain that keeps you inside the cabin). Bring along your family’s go-to games and even purchase a few new ones, especially for your summer trip.

Pack Comfy Clothes

You can’t have a true summer retreat without some relaxation, so you’ll likely want some lounge dresses, sweatpants, and other cozy clothes to put on when you’re at your cabin. Beyond packing the right things, make sure you add some time to your getaway for specified relaxation time. There is nothing worse than getting home from a getaway and realizing you’re more tired than you were when you left.

Lastly, Pack the Comforts of Home

To make your cabin feel like a home away from home, pack the items you and your loved ones tend to look for every day at home—phone chargers, an iPad, a bag of your favorite flavored chips, or that trusty throw blanket—to help make your getaway feel like a true summer retreat.

If you’re missing the things that you use most at home, you’re more likely to feel stressed. Nip that stress in the bud by making sure you’re fully prepared for your cabin adventure.

A cabin in the woods is a summer trip your family (or friends) won’t forget—they’ll forever remember the time spent in a more rural and quiet space with their loved ones. A trip to a cabin brings folks back to easy, stress-free days when cell phones and pinging work emails didn’t rule our lives.

A cabin is truly a perfect summer retreat, especially for a family looking to add some major relaxation to summer plans.


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