Summer Accessories to Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

Summer Accessories to Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

There is just something about summer accessories! They are fun and bold and can make any outfit look amazing. Let’s look at some fun options to wear this summer.

Colorful Scarf

A colorful scarf will brighten any outfit. Go for a bold jewel-toned scarf in a solid color or a classic or fun design. Make it stand out as a pop statement by wearing it with only neutral colors or have fun playing “pulling” colors from your scarf to wear elsewhere in your outfit. As long as you coordinate or match the colors of the scarf to your other garments and don’t mix patterns, you’ll have an instant upgrade.

If you’re not sure of the best way to wear a scarf, experiment! Check out ideas from fashion magazines or the internet. There are dozens of different ways to tie a scarf, and some of them are sure to be flattering and fun. Consider buying a silk scarf in a color that you love. You’ll enjoy wearing it for years to come.

Statement Necklace

Add a statement necklace to a classic outfit to dial up your ensemble. Try a silver-toned or pop-colored necklace with a women’s white blouse, women’s jeans, and a pair of dressy sandals.

Fun Earrings

Summer earrings are not only fun because summer tends to be more casual but also because you can more easily wear different shapes and sizes without having to work around coat collars or hats like you do in winter (at least that’s what we do in Wisconsin).

Earrings from a local shop are fun souvenirs from a trip (and take up hardly any luggage space). Add a bold pair to your favorite maxi dress for women for a cool summer look.

Bold Belt

Try a bold belt with that summer shirt dress. Maybe a fun pop of a colored belt will be just the thing to finish that cute dress ensemble, or try a new belt with your favorite jeans or capri pants for an updated look. Summer is a time when fashion bursts into bloom with color, so experiment and enjoy!

Pastel Purse

A pastel clutch purse or tote can make a sophisticated and beautiful statement piece for summer. Yes, basic black goes with everything, but why not lighten and brighten up your day with pale pink, blue, or yellow? By either picking up a pastel color from your outfit or making a pastel pop of color statement with a purse, you can spiff up your style for the season.

Tote Bag

Whatever adventures you are up to this summer, a canvas tote bag will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe. From working to shopping to vacationing, a trusty tote will get you through it all and fold up easily when not in use. If it’s been a while since you have bought a new one, treat yourself to a new tote in a fun summer color or pattern to brighten your days.

A woven straw tote bag is another summer staple that is easy, breezy, and oh-so-practical. You can buy them at high-end stores, but the cute inexpensive ones are just as fun (they may just not support as much weight though, so check for quality clues like sturdy stitching and tight weaving of the materials). They don’t usually spot clean quite as well as canvas totes, but they are still convenient and stylish. With a bit of planning, you can probably find one to match or coordinate well with a pair of woven sandals, too.


If it’s been a while since you have bought a new pair of sunglasses, summer is the perfect time to treat yourself. Take a little time to try on different styles at your favorite store and note the UV rating. Think of all the movie stars and celebrities who have looked fabulous in sunglasses over the years. The right shape and style of shades will not only protect your eyes but take your fashion sense to a new level and add just a bit of drama for fun. With a little planning, you can have a pair of shades that make you feel look and feel fabulous, and they’ll go with everything you wear.

Sun Hat

Whether it’s a classic wide-brimmed straw hat for the beach, a cute baseball cap, or a bucket hat in a fun color, sometimes you need a little shade with your style. Find a cute one in a neutral or fun color that will go with several of your outfits and keep it handy in your car or in the entryway to your home so you can grab it when you need it.

Go play with those summer accessories and brighten up your wardrobe!


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