Stylish Women’s Dresses for New Year’s

Stylish Women’s Dresses for New Year’s

New Year’s marks the end of the winter holiday season, and it’s not unusual to mark it with some sort of celebration. This is even more true than in past years; people are long tired of virtual parties and eager to get back to reveling in person. In addition, while many of us enjoy the ease of being able to work in comfy clothing instead of more formal business wear, we still enjoy occasionally dressing up. New Year’s offers us the opportunity to do just that, whether it be for a New Year’s Eve shindig or a New Year’s Day brunch. However you’re planning on celebrating it, read on to discover some stylish women’s dresses for New Year’s.

Something Sparkly

If there’s ever an event that calls for a special occasion dress embellished with sequins or rhinestones—or both!—a swanky New Year’s Eve party is it. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the end of the current year and welcome in the new year with the hope that it will be not only happier but healthier while dining on well-prepared food and sipping a cocktail or two? Add a set of heels high enough to showcase your legs yet low enough that you won’t hurt an ankle or get sore feet after five minutes of dancing cheek to cheek with your significant other. Don’t overdo the glitter factor, though; it’s one thing to put on a pair of chandelier earrings, but skip the statement necklace and let your dress be your jewelry. On the other hand, if you’re going to be someplace where a mask is required, head to your nearest craft store and pick up some coordinating rhinestones, then decorate your mask to match your dress because you can.

Something Classic

Every woman should have at least one LBD—little black dress—in her closet. Whether your style is a flirty fit-and-flare dress or a simple sheath, a well-made LBD will take you from the office to the New Year’s Eve party and everything in between. It's all about the accessories when it comes to styling your LBD. You can stick with the all-black theme and keep your jewelry discreet or add pops of color. Choose earrings, bangles, and a necklace with colored gems; sweep on that sparkly purple eye shadow you’ve had sitting in your makeup drawer, and show off that gorgeous beaded bag you’ve had tucked away forever. New Year’s Eve is all about fun, so don’t forget the glittery Happy New Year tiara. Nothing says party like flecks of glitter sprinkled all over your clothing by the end of the night.

Something Warm

If your idea of a New Year’s Eve is to attend one of the First Night celebrations offered in many cities but still want to wear a dress, opt for a sweater dress. In addition to being comfortable, the knit will help you stay warm. Static electricity can be a literal pain, so be sure to wear a full-length slip underneath; a little antistatic clothing spray can’t hurt, either. Style your dress with warm tights and your favorite booties; layer the latter with an extra pair of socks to help your feet stay warm. You’ll also want to wear a warm coat, and don’t forget the winter accessories—hat, scarf, and gloves or mittens—to keep your extremities warm, as well as a tube of lip balm to prevent chapping.

Something Casual

New Year’s isn’t all about the December 31 parties. If you are among the many people who attend (or host) open houses throughout New Year’s Day, choose a dress that will take you from place to place. A fit-and-flare dress is the perfect choice if you’re headed to see friends or to a New Year’s Day brunch. Fit and flares come in a variety of styles, patterns, and lengths, so it’s easy to find one that suits your taste and body type, not to mention the temperature where you live. If you live in a colder area of the country, add a pair of opaque tights, so your legs don’t get cold, and wear your cutest pair of booties. In warmer areas, opt for a pair of ballet flats or even sandals; bring along a sweater in case you get cool. Throw a crossbody bag over your shoulder, and you’ll be set for an afternoon of camaraderie.

Something Else

If you simply hate wearing dresses, don’t despair; you’ve still got lots of options to wear when welcoming in the New Year. Choose your favorite midi skirt or pair of dress pants, then rise to the occasion with a cashmere turtleneck. Style your outfit with a pendant necklace and a bangle or two. For footwear, wear your favorite pair of boots. If you want a look that is more dressy than casual, layer a blazer over your top.

No matter how you choose to celebrate New Year’s, you’ve got plenty of dresses to choose from. And regardless of what you end up wearing, here’s hoping you enjoy a happy, healthy, and safe celebration!

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