Stylish Winterwear He’ll Love

Stylish Winterwear He’ll Love

Winterwear is mainly about staying warm and dry when winter winds blow in, but that doesn’t mean men's winterwear can’t be stylish. On the contrary, cold weather offers a great opportunity to break out cozy garments that look nice whether you’re enjoying a snowy day outdoors, traveling to the office, or sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace with your loved ones. Consider layering up so if you get hot during the day, you can remove layers. Additionally, if you still feel the chill of the wintery air, you can always add another warm layer to your look.

Men's Hoodies

Men's hoodies are excellent when layering up for winter. You can zip up a hoodie over a fitted T-shirt or jersey. Hoodies can also be selected in slim-fit styles that are nice for layering under a heavier jacket or relaxed styles that give you extra room to move. Hoodies are also available in dressier styles that are suitable for date night, hooded and deep-collared styles, and sherpa-lined styles that offer plenty of extra warmth against the cold when zipped.

Men's Cold Weather Accessories

Accessories can do more than complete an outfit — these garments can also add a warm layer that protects you from winter’s chill. Some popular cold-weather accessories for men include plaid scarves, waterproof gloves, EZ Touch gloves, Expedition hats, and Expedition gloves. Soft plaid scarves come in a variety of colors to suit your personal style. Waterproof gloves keep your hands dry, while EZ Touch gloves make it easy to use your mobile devices without removing your gloves. Expedition hats and gloves are extra thick and warm to protect you from the elements.

Men's Cashmere Sweaters

For exceptional softness and style, consider adding men's cashmere sweaters to your winterwear. These sweaters offer a dressier look than you get with a hoodie, but you can still layer them over a fitted T-shirt or under a warm jacket. Match these sweaters with jeans or cargo pants for a casual effect, or with dress pants for an upscale look that’s suitable for the office or for going out for the evening. Additionally, you can try one of these cashmere sweaters in a zip-up style for a casual look that’s playful and sporty.

Men's Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts offer the quintessential outdoorsy look when done with plaid fabric. Wear one of these plaid flannels over long underwear or a thick T-shirt. Or, you can choose a flannel that’s made with solid colored fabric to achieve a dressier look. To layer a solid-colored flannel, put it over a fitted T-shirt that’s a similar color so it doesn’t pull the attention away from the elegance of the flannel button-down shirt. Additionally, flannel shirts make it easy for a man to mix things up and have a bit of fun by choosing unusual colors and patterns that add an extra touch of panache to an outfit.

Men's Boots

When feet get cold, the whole body often feels cold. When you choose warm boots that resist water, that isn’t an issue. Men's boots are another winter gear accessory that adds style to an outfit while protecting the extremities from the cold. These boots come in low styles, ankle-high styles, and above the ankle styles. Additionally, you can choose from slip-on boots, zip-up boots, and boots that tie in your choice of casual or dressy styles to create the look you want.

Men's Flannel Lined Jeans

Jeans are one of those garments that can be paired with almost any type of shirt or jacket. But, when temperatures drop, jeans can leave your legs a bit cold. You could layer jeans over a pair of long underwear to get the warmth you need, but that sometimes adds a lot of bulk that doesn’t look right under slim-cut jeans. That’s where men's flannel-lined jeans come in handy. There’s no need to layer up when wearing jeans that are lined with flannel because the jeans have a built-in layer of softness and warmth.

Men's Winter Coats

The selection of men's winter coats includes styles for almost any situation or occasion. Choose a men's parka or puffer jacket for go-anywhere versatility. Pick up a sherpa-lined flannel or a chore jacket for casual activities. Need something dressy for a special occasion? Check out a wool overcoat or a longer men's down duffle coat to provide plenty of warmth on even the coldest of days and nights.

Whether you’re putting together a winterwear wardrobe for yourself or you’re shopping for a thoughtful gift for the man in your life, these stylish wintery looks for men can help you create a polished, warm look that’s appropriate for going anywhere this winter. Choose your favorite Lands’ End men's winterwear garments, or put together an entire winter wardrobe.

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