Stylish Raincoats That Will Have You Singing in the Rain

These Stylish Raincoats Will Have You Singing in the Rain This Spring

Does rainy weather get you down? It’s not fun to have a picnic rained out or to cancel a much-anticipated game, but the right raincoat can keep you feeling dry and even fashionable when the clouds turn grey. Bring some style into your rainy-day wardrobe and add a splash of color to any of your outfits with a selection of stylish raincoats. When you wear one of these this spring, you will surely be singing in the rain.

For Heavy Downpours

When the forecast calls for a downpour, you know that an umbrella usually isn’t enough to keep you protected from the elements. A waterproof and windproof raincoat shields you from all those sideways raindrops that can get blown in your direction. Wear it with the hood up or down, depending on the weather, to keep the rain out and head dry.

Stay warm in the early spring when you snuggle against this raincoat’s fleece interior. Get a rain jacket that falls to mid-thigh to ensure that you get great protection against the wet weather. Match your favorite raincoat with a pair of waterproof gloves or other cold-weather accessories to keep away those stray droplets that can make you shiver.

For Sleet, Snow, and Rain

Spring doesn’t mean warm weather for everyone, which is why insulated raincoats were made. It is waterproof from the hood to its hem above the knee and equipped with insulation to lock in heat, making this jacket suitable for wet conditions on the coldest days. It can fit seamlessly into your wardrobe, as its classic look matches with practically everything. Whether you feel like wearing fleece-lined leggings and winter boots or a cute pair of corduroy pants and a cowl-neck sweater, this high-performance raincoat will keep you toasty whenever you have to venture outdoors.

If You Want Some Wiggle Room

For the warmer days of spring that still have a nip in the air, a thin raincoat is both light and waterproof, providing just enough protection and coverage to feel dry and comfortable. Get one with a jersey knit interior to wick moisture from within. The goal is for it to feel breathable so that you'll feel comfortable in temperate climates that tend to get hotter spring seasons with a lot of rain.

Be sure that your coat has secure pockets to guard your keys and phone against water damage. Also, if your thin coat has a bit of stretch, you'll enjoy a comfortable fit that doesn’t feel rigid or coarse. To keep the rain out from all directions, simply pull up your collar and throw the hood over your head.

Raincoats for any time; anywhere

What do you do when you’re planning for a vacation and there’s rain in the forecast? Instead of carrying a big coat around in your arms, take a packable style raincoat with you. This outerwear is compact enough to fold into its pocket. If your goal is to do a weekend trip with just a wheeled backpack as a carry-on, you can achieve this goal by packing light with a coat like this. Do not let its thin material deceive you, though – it’s windproof and waterproof with an adjustable waistline. A packable style raincoat also has just enough insulation to feel comfortable, such as in late spring and beyond. It’s also ultra-convenient for keeping your keys and phone dry with its on-seam pockets with zippers.

Remember Your Rain Boots

When you have great rain protection from hood to knee, you need waterproof footwear to complete your outfit. Otherwise, you’ll be feeling soggy from your knees to your toes. Grab a pair of socks and rain boots to keep your feet dry no matter how many puddles appear on the paths you take. These boots are excellent for spring, especially as the temperatures rise because they are open enough to allow for proper ventilation.

Now all you need is your favorite plus size rain jacket and you’ll be ready for any adventure – rain or shine! If you don’t have any rain boots on hand, a pair of waterproof winter boots would work just as well, especially when it’s still relatively cold outside. However, these can feel too hot if you live in a climate where spring gets warm quickly. For optimal comfort, pick the appropriate waterproof footwear for your area, and you’ll be comfortably dry while you are on the go.

Which stylish raincoat is a winner for you? For every time of year and occasion, there is a piece of outerwear that rises to the occasion.


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