5 Stylish Outfits to Wear to Pride Celebrations

Five Stylish Outfits to Wear to Pride Celebrations

With Pride Month just around the corner, LGBTQ+ community members and allies alike are looking for fun and colorful fits that will show their pride or support and represent the beauty in diversity. Besides the obvious choice of shopping rainbow Pride Collections, what else can you wear to a Pride event? From t-shirts and DIY patches on denim to sequins and accessories, we’ve compiled five of the best outfits to wear to Pride this year.

The DIY Queen Look (Hand-sewn Pockets and Patches Dress)

In honor of the DIY history of the LGBTQ+ community and the civil rights movements that brought us Pride Month and the tradition of Pride Parades, we recommend buying some pride patches, stickers, or pins made by a small, queer-owned business and taking this opportunity to design your own pride wear.

Pride events usually happen during the day in the month of June, so you'll want to wear something comfortable and cool while celebrating this summer. Grab yourself a cute, lightweight cotton summer dress in a neutral color. Haven’t you always wanted a dress with extra pockets? Sew your own rainbow pockets on your new dress! Pair this with a denim jacket decked out in your collection of pride patches and pins.

Pride celebrations are all about being loud and proud. Attendees of Pride parades, especially in major cities, love to show their pride with wild and exuberant outfits. For those who perhaps have a more subtle style and personality, or for those who are still figuring out their own sexuality, small patches, and subtle appliques are also a great choice to add to any outfit.

The Casual Statement Tee Look

Statement t-shirts are t-shirts that have a word or phrase which lets people around you know something about you or your stance on a given issue. For example, one might wear a “bisexual pride” shirt to show their pride and to let others know who they are. Allies often wear shirts with statements to show their support for LGBTQ+ issues, such as “Trans rights are Human Rights''. You can also use your style to educate, such as with the popular “The First Pride Was a Riot” statement tee.

Statement shirts are a fantastic way to show either pride or support, making them a great option for members of the queer community and their allies alike. We recommend wearing your statement tee to pride with a pair of lightweight cotton comfy shorts.

Sparkly Queen Look (Sequins on Sequins)

Sparkle and shine this year at pride with a head-to-toe sequined look. Grab some fun and bright rainbow sequin shorts or a mini skirt, and pair them with a sequin tank top or bikini top. If you're attending a large event or parade, you'll probably want to wear comfy walkable shoes like sneakers. We recommend finding a pair of walkable but fashionable platform sequin kicks to top off this look. This outfit will have you looking shiny and fabulous while also keeping you cool and comfy.

The Minimalist Maximalist Look

At a Pride Parade, less really is more. Dare to bare during pride by donning your favorite bikini top, paired with shorts or a cute mini skirt.

If bikini tops and short shorts aren’t your style, board shorts, sports bras, and chest binders are also staple pride parade fits. Stay cool and comfortable while showing off your unique queer style.

The Super Hero Look

A wonderfully fun and common Pride Parade outfit option is to wear a large pride flag tied around your neck like a cape. This look also has the added benefit of keeping your shoulders and arms protected from the sun while allowing all the breeze in to keep you cool.

Other Factors to Consider

When choosing your outfit for Pride Month celebrations, keep in mind that these events are usually outdoors, in the middle of the day, during summer. You will likely do a good amount of walking, whether you're marching in a parade or just browsing street vendors and spectating the parade. Wear materials that are lightweight and moisture-wicking. Wearing a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your face is also a good idea. Comfy walking shoes are a must. Bring along your canvas tote bag with snacks, water, and sunscreen.

Remember that pride celebrations are safe spaces for the LGBTQ community to be together, celebrate diversity, and also grieve the loss of so many LGBTQ individuals and queer activists throughout history. If you're attending a pride celebration as an ally, know that you're welcome, but support from the sidelines and let the queer community take this opportunity to shine.


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