Let Your Little Ones Hit the Beach in Style with Kid's Swimsuits and Beachwear

Let Your Little Ones Hit the Beach in Style with Kid's Swimsuits and Beachwear

Just like adults, many kids eventually grow to take an interest in their clothing. Style becomes a more serious focus, especially when it comes to garments like girls’ swimsuits and trunks for boys. There are dozens of cool options out there, but as a parent, it’s your job to select styles that are just as functional as they are fun.

Sure, cute prints and bright colors matter. Kids are more likely to be excited about anything when they wear something they love. You can go the extra mile by selecting playful suits that are both stylish and sensible. Here are a few kids' swimwear suggestions to ensure the little ones look and feel their very best while at the beach this summer.

Tankini Time

If there’s one thing fashionable little kids love, it’s the opportunity to never wear the same thing twice! It’s easier to make that a possibility during summertime when you introduce something to their wardrobe that’s simple to mix and match. Tankinis for girls are ideal for so many reasons. They’re available in dozens of fun colors and patterns, ranging from vibrant rainbow hues to vivid stripes. They have playful features, like ruffled necklines and multicolored straps.

Then there’s the opportunity to mix it up when it comes to kids' swimsuits. Wearing a tankini makes it easy to try something new every single day! Pair that striped tankini top with a solid bottom. Try the ruffled top with a patterned bottom. Two pairs of tops and a variety of bottoms can yield lots of fun, playful looks that your little one will love to show off during beach season. Moreover, tankinis offer a little bit of extra coverage.

Rash Guard Love

In many cases, it’s best to consider girls’ and boys’ rash guards instead. They’re especially ideal for little kids who burn easily and need some additional protection from those potent ultraviolet rays. Available with both full-length and short sleeves, rash guards are fitted for a sleeker fit. Although designed to protect surfers from discomfort while they’re on their boards, they’re also great for safeguarding kids from the wrath of the elements.

Many are also enhanced with Ultraviolet Protection Factors (UPF), which means that they block most of the penetrative rays that would otherwise potentially cause damage to the skin. While it’s still important to apply sunscreen, wearing something that blocks radiation is key because it helps protect the skin even more. Rash guards are also great for kids to wear on chillier beach days and those who spend a lot of time in the water. Plus, they feature everything from fun graphic prints to bright colors. What kid wouldn’t love to show that off when they’re running around on the sand?

Cute Cover-Ups

There are so many reasons to invest in a stylish and practical girls’ cover-up. Just as adults do, kids might want to throw something on before the family hits the boardwalk for a relaxed stroll or walks over to the nearest café for lunch or dinner. Cover-ups are also ideal for helping little ones warm up after a dip in cooler water.

As for style, there are dozens of great options available that are sure to delight fashion-conscious young ones who can’t resist something fun at the beach. Try a vibrant pullover featuring a brilliant floral pattern or a bold solid shade. You might favor something with a hoodie and a kangaroo pocket for toddlers who want to bundle up after getting their feet wet. And if your little one is wearing a tankini or bikini top, a pair of terry pants is always a smart choice that will lend her major warm-weather style points.

Terrific Trunks

There’s nothing like a great pair of boys’ swim trunks to prepare little ones for a fun day at the beach. While your child might be mostly focused on the print or the color, you have other points to consider like UPF, for example, and features like stretchy elastic waistbands, drawstrings that adjust for the best possible fit, and mesh liners for added comfort.

These little extra details can make all the difference where little ones are concerned. Another little point that might matter: quick-drying fabric, especially if you drive to the beach and you don’t want to deal with extra-damp seats. Look for materials like polyester and nylon, both of which are renowned for their fast-dry properties. As for style? There is a lot to focus on there, especially if your little guy loves something bright and playful for beach time. There are vibrant colors galore, along with patterns featuring everything from leaves to sharks to skateboards. They’re all ideal for the little style enthusiasts in your life.

Prioritizing Comfort

Above all else, make sure that your child is as comfortable as possible. Fit matters the most; the right styles aren’t too loose or too tight, and they feature details like adjustable drawstrings that make it easy to find the perfect fit. With dozens of great colors and patterns available, it’s easy to find styles of children's swimsuits that both you and your child will love!


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