Stylish Father's Day Gift Guide

Stylish Father's Day Gift Guide

Buying a stylish Father’s Day Gift is a fun challenge. You get to brighten the day of the dad in your life while helping him to be both comfy and fashionable. Let’s look at some ideas to get you started.

Fit is Key

If you're considering buying clothing as a gift, make sure that you know what sizes he currently wears. Closets have been known to shrink clothing, and you will want him to be able to enjoy wearing his new gift without having to exchange it for a different size. If you're not sure about his current sizes, asking him is always a good option. If the dad you're buying for is your partner, you may also be in the position to quietly check his clothing labels in the laundry for current sizes if you want to go for a 100% surprise gift.

Choose Quality

Choosing quality over quantity is just a good wardrobe rule. A well-made piece can last for years and be the gift that keeps on giving. If you’re not sure what to buy, consider a classic men’s button-down oxford. This wardrobe staple can take him from coffee to a business meeting to a dinner out. If he doesn’t already have a good white button-down in his closet, he needs one (whether it’s for Father’s Day or not). If you're looking at color options, keep in mind both what looks good on him and what he likes. When in doubt, a nice blue shirt is a good choice. It’s more casual than white and is still a great go-to piece.

A men’s blazer is the perfect pairing with a new button-down. Pair them with jeans and matching dress shoes and a belt for an instant ensemble that will have him looking stylish and feeling comfy. A well-made men’s sports coat is a wardrobe investment that he will enjoy for years. Stick with a medium-weight neutral color for year-round wear.


Despite the jokes about buying ties for Father’s Day, a nice one can be a great choice. Consider a men’s belt , too, if you're thinking of accessories for gifts. Stylish dads need to have a nice dress belt that matches each pair of dress shoes that they own. If he has shoes that he likes that don’t have a matching belt yet, surprise him with one. This is another area where sometimes people are tempted to wear the same thing past its ideal lifespan. If his favorite dress belt is looking worn and can’t be polished back into shape, treat him to a nice new one in a similar style.

Sunglasses are another great option if you would like to buy him an accessory as a gift. It is trickier to pick these out for someone else, though. If your stylish dad would look cool in a new pair of shades, consider taking him out to lunch and then sunglasses shopping.

What Are His Favorites?

A gift is only great if he will enjoy it and use it. Does he know that he looks handsome in just the right shade of blue? Buy him something new in that. Does he love fleece jackets, but could use an updated one? There’s your answer. What about favorite sports teams or athleticwear? If he enjoys fashion, you can also ask him what new styles and colors interest him. If he is more of a GQ kind of guy, why not buy him something in the latest cut or color? If you're experimenting a bit, just make sure that he understands that you won’t be offended if he opts to exchange it for something else (and be sure the retailer has an easy return policy like Lands’ End does). If he is more of a “throw on the basics” kind of guy, go for comfy classics that he will love in colors that are flattering to him in a fit that will be just right.

Give Him the Spa Treatment

Dads like to be pampered (but they may not realize it until they experience it). Consider a new men’s robe and some new bath towels to keep him cozy. It’s amazing how many guys will use the “same old same old” without realizing how great that new, cushy fabric will make them feel.

You can also go for an actual spa treatment with a gift certificate for a massage or pedicure. If the dad you're buying for is your partner and he is shy about this, consider buying a couple’s package. Most men love getting a professional pedicure once they realize how relaxing they are (and that nail polish is optional). Many women have found that they have a new pedicure partner once they do this!

Make Father's Day comfy and stylish this year!


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