14 (Stylish) Essentials You Need for Your Next Hiking Trip

14 (Stylish) Essentials You Need for Your Next Hiking Trip

It’s time to prep for your next camping adventure! Packing stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories will make your trip more worthwhile. It’s a good idea to pack gear and apparel that’ll allow you to do unexpected, adventurous activities. There are some stylish items you can add to your list to make your trip a bit more worthwhile. Who said you can’t look good while being out in nature?

It’s never the wrong time of the year for those who love to escape. If you plan on camping in chilly conditions, there are a few styles that’ll make your trip even more special.

1. Fleece

Who doesn’t love a good fleece? You don’t need to be off climbing mountains to enjoy the benefits of fleece apparel. However, if your weekend will indeed be one filled with hiking in frigid weather, fleece clothing will make your experience much more comfortable. You have many options when it comes to fleece: a fleece jacket, fleece top, and fleece bottoms. You can go full force and rock a head-to-toe fleece outfit or opt for one fleece layer.

2. Insulated Outerwear

If fleece clothes aren’t your thing, insulated outerwear will do. A lightweight, insulated vest, jacket, or coat offers warmth without the bulk. There are various types of padding, including down and down alternatives. Some down coats are packable, meaning if you get too toasty, you can toss it in your backpack. Packable jackets will elevate your camping game!

3. Boots

Not every boot is equal, and the right style can show off your individuality. But make sure you watch out for functionality, too. Happy feet will make your camping adventures much more pleasurable. Finding the right boots that offer comfort at every step is of utmost importance. Things to look out for are easy closures, cushioning, traction, and a fabric finish.

4. Gloves

Covering your hands may also be a good idea when camping when it’s a bit cold. If you’re not unplugging during your trip, make sure your winter gloves are tech-friendly. Or you can choose to wear mittens instead.

5. Moisture-Wicking T-Shirts

If you’re still planning on camping when the weather’s hotter, there are a few stylish pieces that’ll help you make new fond memories. Hot weather means you’ll probably be sweating more. Plus, you’ll need even more protection from the sun and heat. Moisture-wicking T-shirts are for active days, and many options offer protection from the sun, too (think UPF protection). Sweat, be gone!

6. Quick-Drying Bottoms

Quick-drying shorts and pants are ready for the heat. Some also offer UPF protection. Their fabric allows them to dry fast, and some even come with pockets (like cargo shorts and pants).

7. Sandals

If you like your feet to breathe more easily than they would in sneakers or boots, you may want to slide into some warm weather-ready sandals. Whether closed- or open-toed, the right sandals will let your skin breathe while offering support at every step. Look out for traction soles for support at every step.

8. Swimsuits

A warm day is perfect for cooling off in the water. If you’re not into skinny-dipping, pack a cute swimsuit for spontaneous swims. Bold or minimalistic, pack the perfect pair that suits your style. And remember a beach towel for drying off.

9. Rain Jacket

Packing a lightweight rain jacket is a wise choice to protect you against wet conditions. The best raincoats will allow you to enjoy your time in unexpected rain.

10. Waterproof Boots

If an area you’ll be exploring is known for sudden rainfall, having a pair of waterproof boots will cause you fewer headaches. If you’re certain there may be rain, you might as well rock women’s duck boots during the walking portions of your camping adventure.

11. Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Moisture-wicking underwear will keep you dry all day as you explore. You’ll feel comfortable and fresh as you roam free or kick back and relax.

12. Sleepwear

You can sleep in luxury comfort, even when sleeping under the night sky. Comfy pajamas with a cute print will ease you into sweet dreams.

13. Hats

Whether you need more protection from sun rays or a toasty knit winter hat to keep the chills away, wearing a hat will do. Top off your style with a baseball cap or beanie, and you’ll be ready to snap a few photos to post on social media.

14. Backpack

Finally, wearing a backpack for walks will let you keep essentials you’ll need while on-the-go close. Pay attention to the quality, fabric, closures, and pockets.

With this list to help you pack, you’re now on your way to an amazing outdoor adventure!

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