Stylish, Easy-to-Pack Outfits for Your Vacation

Stylish, Easy-to-Pack Outfits for Your Vacation

Vacation season is coming up! Lakeside campsites, beachfront rentals, island locations, and more. Having travel plans during summer is one of the fun parts of the season. Wherever you go, you want to look good. The problem is your suitcase isn’t as big as your closet. What to do? Plan well and be efficient! Here are stylish, easy-to-pack outfits for your next vacation.

Elements of Effective Packing

A huge part of what constitutes something that is easy to pack is clothing that can be easily manipulated to fit where you need it to in your suitcase. To accomplish this, pay attention to the materials of the clothes you are packing. The classic summer fabrics, cotton and linen, are very malleable. Jeans and straw hats are summer classics, but certain styles can be harder to fold and fit around other clothes. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t bring jeans or hats—you definitely should—just that you may need to plan space for packing them or consider choosing thinner denim or a foldable floppy hat.

Another aspect of your clothes you can pay attention to save space is the size of your pieces. Shorts have less material than pants and so will take up less space. Knee-length cotton sundresses have less material than maxi dresses which may be something to consider when planning your outfits. Skirt-and-blouse combinations can also help here since you can split up the pieces and put them where they fit in your bag while still having access to a dress-like style for your vacation.

Waterside Cutie

If you are going anywhere near water this summer, you need to have an outfit to match your gorgeous setting. An excellent option here is to go with a one-piece bathing suit that can double as a top. If the location is more casual, cut-off jean shorts make for great bottoms. If you are on a fancy island resort, consider white shorts or, if your bathing suit is on the subtle side in a neutral color, shorts with a tropical print.

If you prefer two-piece swimsuits and yet are not excited about walking around with so little on, think about getting a cute beach cover-up. Some cover-ups are sporty swim shirt styles that are great for dynamic activities like surfing. Others are loose dresses made of thin, quick-to-dry material. Certain beach dress cover-ups can even double as a regular dress if you can find a good design. Add a pair of shades, and you are ready to relax to the music of the water!

Exotic Adventurer

Wherever you go, you probably aren’t planning on staying inside your hotel room the whole time. Even the most romantic of honeymooners should get out there and explore! If you are running around a new city, try a romper outfit. Loose and light—especially if you go with white or another lighter color—rompers keep you cool and cute while you search for your next adventure. They also give the impression of a feminine dress without the risk of exposure. Add a brown waist belt and an Indiana Jones hat, and a satchel to really get in the spirit.

If you are traveling abroad and looking to appreciate some of the natural beauty of another country, you may need to get a little more practical. If it’s hot, go with a Lara Croft dark tank top and khaki shorts with a belt and boots. If you don’t want to get sunburnt, what about a white linen long-sleeved shirt with light brown chinos. Grab some wicked aviators, your sunscreen, and a camera so you can remember your adventure forever.

Playful Stranger

You may not be leaving the country, but you are new to wherever you are visiting. Give yourself a chance to relax with a white peasant blouse and colored floral skirt combination. Think cute village girl in the Italian countryside. If you aren’t really a skirt person, go with a floral blouse and either jean shorts or white shorts. This option keeps the bohemian feel without being too formal.

A great illustration of playful is that of a patterned dress billowing in the wind. Maxi dresses fulfill these terms as do knee-length dresses with extra fabric in the skirt (and some shorts underneath). Solid colors are welcome, but stripes, polka dots, and florals seem to fit the idea of fun a little better. Bright colors catch the eye, and frisky breezes make things interesting. Add a floppy straw hat and sunglasses for a bit of mystery, and your look is complete. Just make sure the wind doesn’t steal your hat! You have themes and outfit ideas to start you off, but only you can embark on your next adventure. Safe travels!


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