Stylish Cottagecore Outfits for Men

Stylish Cottagecore Outfits for Men

The cottagecore trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and we're as happy about that as we are at the idea of walking in a field of wildflowers with a cup of tea in hand (hint: that's very happy). Why? Well, for starters, both women's and men's cottagecore looks are as timeless as they are on-trend, they're flattering on everybody, they consist of the comfiest wardrobe staples, and they remind us of some of our favorite things. These outfits make us feel inspired to sip a cup of steaming hot coffee while we look out over a mountain range, perhaps spotting a hawk or two in the distance, or to cook up some fresh produce from our garden over an open fire. Cottagecore outfits allow us to escape to nature even if it's just in our minds, and it doesn't hurt that this happens to be a super stylish style aesthetic for men.

Men's cottagecore outfits are all about mixing different textures, striking a balance between an earthy aesthetic that's equally as classic, and rocking pieces that are comfy and lived-in while still being flattering. Whether you’re already fully “in” on the cottage core style or you’re looking to give it a go, read on for stylish cottagecore outfits that’ll leave you feeling inspired to refresh your look (and possibly relocate to the mountains, just as a fair warning).

Tea Time Turtlenecks

This first look is all about one of the most classic cottagecore staples out there: turtlenecks. When leaning into the cottagecore aesthetic, turtlenecks, mock necks, and turtleneck sweaters will be some of your best pals (in addition to corduroy and tweed!).

For this outfit, start with a men's turtleneck sweater. Next, opt for a woods-worthy shade like burgundy or heather gray. Pair your turtleneck sweater with beige slacks, black Chelsea boots, and add a corduroy button-up layer if you need some added warmth.

Feel the Breeze in Button-Downs

Next up is another oh-so-cottagecore look that you’ll want to wear again and again. This look centers around a men's button-down oxford in an earth-tone or a chambray blue, worn as-is or layered under a men's V-neck sweater. Pair this comfy yet universally flattering top combo with corduroy pants and suede lace-up boots, and if you really want to lean in, add a flat tweed cap for major cottage-core bonus points!

Farm-Worthy Flannels

Without mentioning men's flannel shirts, this wouldn’t be a list of stylish cottagecore outfits for men without mentioning men's flannel shirts. If you’re going to go all-in on this style aesthetic, get ready to stock up on cozy flannels (not the worst thing, right?).

Choose a men’s flannel shirt in your favorite classic colors and pair it with tan slacks and black boots. You can either rock this look as-is or add a cable-knit open-front sweater layer for added warmth and comfiness.

Stylish Sport Coats

Another must-have for that cottagecore life is a plethora of wool or tweed blazers and men's sport coats. The idea of rocking sports coats or blazers to complete these outfits is to opt for ones that look a bit vintage and textured rather than going for styles that are super sharp and buttoned-up.

Rock your wool or tweed sports coat over a sage, light blue, or off-white Henley shirt and complete this look with a pair of corduroy men’s ankle pants and brown, grey, or black Chelsea boots.

Oh-So-Cottagecore in Oversized Sweaters

The last look on our list might be one of the comfiest, which is very on-point for the cottagecore vibe. Start this outfit with a long sleeve thermal shirt or turtleneck and add a patterned oversized sweater layer. For your sweater here, opt for something with a classic pattern and something textured, like cable-knit and a crew neckline.

Pair your sweater with some men's khaki pants and duck boots, which are another go-to shoe option for the cottagecore aesthetic.

As a bonus pro tip here, feel free to add a knit beanie, a flat tweed cap like we mentioned above, or a suede fedora to any one of these looks to tie the outfit together (and keep your head warm while you do all of that outdoorsy stuff!).

From lounging in front of the fire with a good read and a cup of tea to gathering kindling in an open field, you’ll find everything you need for that cottagecore look in one of the outfits above. Plus, these looks are universally flattering, meaning that they’ll look great on literally every guy out there.


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