4 Ways to Style Your Spring Tunic Tops

4 Ways to Style Your Spring Tunic Tops

Tunics are effortless, comfortable, and stylish. In other words, they offer just about everything you could ask for in a piece of quality clothing. More than just easy to wear, they offer numerous styling possibilities during spring. If you’re ready to make this no-fuss option an integral part of your warm-weather wardrobe, here are four ideas to keep in mind for the season when it comes to women's spring tunic tops.

Pair It With Leggings

You can never go wrong when you pair breezy tunic tops for women with stretchy leggings. The two are naturally compatible thanks to their dueling silhouettes. Tunics are airy, relaxed, and carefree, while leggings conform to the body and create a more streamlined look. Combining the two is always a recipe for success because it establishes a balanced appearance from top to bottom.

To make this work in different ways, play with different tunic styles and legging patterns. For example, you can pair your favorite animal-print leggings with a solid-colored tunic so that the pieces don’t compete with one another. You can wear a lean tunic with leggings and step into a pair of flat knee-high boots for a look that will never go out of style. Or try a flowy tunic that resembles a dress with leggings and ballet flats for a fresh look that’s appropriate for anything from brunch with friends to park trips with the kids.

Pile On the Layers

To really maximize your tunic’s potential, layer up! Layering allows you to easily transition the piece from one season to the next, so you don’t necessarily have to retire your favorite top just because it’s cooler outside. Plus, you can create all kinds of fun outfit possibilities. When the top is longer, it’s a good excuse to wear a cardigan on top, especially if your tunic is sleeveless. Add a long scarf for a little extra volume and warmth depending on the weather and pull on a pair of jeggings.

Another option is to wear a pullover sweater over your tunic, allowing the bottom layer to peek out from underneath. If your tunic is cut shorter, that’s an ideal opportunity to wear something longer on top, like a boyfriend cardigan. You can also pair a mid-length tunic with a cardigan of the same length for a polished look. Play around with colors and patterns to create unique, eye-catching looks.

Belt It for Definition

Never underestimate the power of wearing a belt! This key wardrobe accessory helps create definition and can change the appearance of your tunic in an instant. It also opens up a world of styling possibilities, especially if you tend to simply throw on your tunic and go. Wearing a belt lends the outfit a more streamlined look from top to bottom.

There are several creative ways to belt your tunic top. If you’re wearing a particularly long top, belting it will lend the top a sleeker look. You can pair a long, belted tunic sweater with jeggings for an especially pulled-together ensemble that’s perfect for casual days out. At the office, adding a belt can transform an otherwise relaxed top into something that feels more professional and corporate-friendly.

Try Different Pants

While the go-to partner for a tunic is usually a pair of skinny jeans, leggings, or jeggings, you aren’t limited strictly to those options. If you have a pair of wide-leg pants or high-rise jeans that you particularly love, there are ways to style your tunic with those, too. The key is to select the right type of top to make this look work effectively.

If you can’t resist the flattering silhouette of those wide-leg bottoms, opt for a tunic that’s not quite so long. The idea is to achieve a balanced look, and if the top is too long, then you might feel overwhelmed by the excess fabric. A tunic that is slightly less loose but that still remains true to its relaxed fit is best. Another option is to belt the top to cinch your waistline, drawing the eye to the waistline and bringing the focus on structure.

Styling a tunic with high-rise jeans is slightly trickier, but can be done. The trick? Layers! Since this denim style is inherently comfortable, it’s understandable that you might choose to wear them as often as possible. Select a button-down tunic and a tank top in a neutral shade that matches nicely with the other colors in your outfit. Wear the tunic open over the tucked-in tank, allowing some focus on the jeans while also calling attention to the top. Finish with a pair of chunky heels for a polished look.

Have Fun Experimenting

Ladies' spring tunic tunics are versatile and fun to wear, and they can easily become your most-worn garments thanks to their forgiving fit and plentiful styling possibilities. By adding a tunic sweater, button-down, and top to your wardrobe, you can easily wear them in countless ways.


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