How to Style Long Shirts When You Have Short Legs

How to Style Long Shirts When You Have Short Legs

We're introducing one of our favorite fashion statements: the long shirt. Long shirts add elegance and sophistication to any outfit, and they can be super versatile, going with several accessories, shoes, and bottoms. When it comes to creating a flattering silhouette, there are several ways to style a long shirt so that no matter your proportions, you look put-together and ready for wherever the day takes you.

Long shirts can be cute for dates, dressed up for work, or comfy for a day out with the family. However you choose to wear your long shirt, we've got helpful tips and tricks for how to make the look work for you and your body type.

While this look is fantastic for all body types, those with short legs can find it challenging to style, as it can feel like an overwhelming amount of fabric. But fear not, we've got your back, and we'll be helping you style a long shirt to look good when you have short legs. Let's get started.


It's all about the illusion of how the pieces of the outfit work together. While a long shirt is excellent, too long can be an issue and make the legs look shorter, while a top that's too short will be at an awkward length and make the proportions look unbalanced. Aim for a shirt height just below your hips or mid-thigh, which will elongate your legs and balance your proportions.


Skinny jeans are a great way to balance out the bulk of a long shirt. They are slimming and can help elongate your legs. While we love wide-leg pants, there might be better outfits for them, as they can add extra fabric and make you look shorter and broader. Play with the proportions and ratio of the top material to whichever bottoms you choose.

Vertical Lines

The direction of a stripe can have a surprisingly impactful effect on the look overall. We recommend vertical lines instead of horizontal ones, which can make you look wider. The up-and-down direction of the strip will make you look longer and taller and will elongate your legs.


Your shoes can have much to do with how elongated your legs look. A pointed toe can contribute to elongating your legs and add a streamlined appearance. Rounded or square toes can make your legs look shorter. Even a slight heel can make you taller and elongate your legs, easing the leg-to-shirt ratio portions. Opt for cute wedges or ankle boots with a kitty heel.

Layer Up

Layers are a great way to keep you warm and add versatility to the look. Not only will your outfit be functional on more occasions, but adding layers will make the long shirt versatile for many seasons. We love a long cashmere cardigan on top of a long shirt, so long as the bottoms even out the proportions. Leggings are a comfortable and natural match for the long shirt look.

Wear a Belt

Belts aren't only helpful in keeping your pants up; they can also have a significant fashion value that's great for a long shirt. A chunky belt at your natural waist will deliver a flattering shape that will break up the length of the shirt and make it look even better.

A charming look is a long shirt over a pencil skirt with a belt over the long shirt. The belt will accentuate your figure, and the long pencil skirt will be flattering on the legs and add style.

Select Lightweight Fabrics

The fabric you choose for a long shirt can have a significant impact. Opt for lightweight flowy fabrics that lay on your frame nicely. Avoid stiff, heavy materials that can make you look shapeless and boxy.


When it comes to accessorizing a long shirt, here are a few things to pay attention to. You want to select accessories that draw attention to your upper body, such as a bold necklace or statement earrings. However, avoid too bulky accessories, as they can overwhelm your frame.

Wearing long shirts isn't just for your long-legged friends. Those of us with short legs can also make them look super cute. It all comes down to what you pair it with and how you accentuate your figure despite the long shirt.

Check out the Petite Section

Just because you're looking for a long shirt doesn't mean you want to be enveloped by it. There's a happy medium out there, and you may just find it in the petite section. If your body type is quite petite and shopping poses a challenge, check out our women's petite tops that are perfect for smaller frames. With many options available, these shirts are meant to fit your body type and will be flattering for any occasion. You could also throw on petite cardigans to add warmth and dimension to any long shirt outfit.

Embrace Your Body Type

There are many ways to make a long shirt look good, even if you don't have the longest legs, and hopefully, this article helped you see that it's not only possible but easily attainable. Every body is beautiful and unique, so you must play with various styles and looks until you find the right outfits. Comfort, above all, is what will make the difference in feeling good and putting your best self out there.

And there you have it, the recipe for making long shirts look good on figures with short legs. To recap, ensure the length of the shirt is a proper ratio, play with different pants and skirts that don't add bulk to the outfit, opt for verticle lines, and wear shoes that accentuate your legs. Layer up, wear a belt, select lightweight fabrics, and accessorize to your advantage. With these tips and tricks, you'll be rocking the long shirt look in no time. Feel free to experiment and try different styles out of your comfort zone. When in doubt, check out Pinterest boards and find inspiration that matches what you're looking for in a long shirt.


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