Top Ways to Wear a Fitted Dress

Top Ways to Wear a Fitted Dress

Fitted women’s dresses are all the rage this season. Throw the rumors out the window, your ability to wear a fitted dress doesn’t depend on your body type. All bodies can rock a fitted dress. With a few handy tricks, you can sport your favorite snug dress for any occasion.

Choose Darker Colors

Darker colors work exceptionally well with fitted dresses, as they work to streamline. However, don’t feel like your only option is a little black dress. Darker colors such as crimson, rich purples, navy blues, and forest greens are all ideal dark colors for fitted forms. Darker fitted dresses are a show-stopper for date night, but if you’re going for a look for another occasion, you can get away with a fitted dress in the office too. For the office, opt for styles that aren't too revealing, but have a fit and flare look to them. Choose lines and styles that put a smile on your face. 

Lovely Layers

Layering up a fitted dress creates a nice silhouette. On top, try a loose-fitting cashmere cardigan for women. Cashmere is not only luxe and soft, but the looser fit creates a multi-dimensional look that draws the eye inward. Cashmere is also one of the warmest wools on the market, so you can stay warm in a pinch. Cardigan cover-ups work well in setting with fluctuating temperatures, so you’re always comfortable no matter what the thermostat is set to. 

Alternatively, you can pair a shorter dress with leggings underneath. Although you’ll have a more fitted overall look, the leggings provide extra coverage. Choose a color that compliments the dress, or introduce a fun pattern for an effortless layered look.

Decide on Your Length

Fitted dress length plays a role in how comfortable you are. Some longer fits can either be A-line or fit-and-flare. Either way, you’ll have coverage and balance in your look. Fit-and-flare styles tend to be a little more formal while A-line is more casual, even for a long dress. Some dresses provide a looser fit on top, with pencil style skirting on the bottom. Choose this look if you have a fuller chest since the dress will play up those assets. 

Bring on a Slip

For shorter dresses, don’t forget about a slip. Slips not only keep you covered, but they also work to keep your dress in place. Slips should either be close to your skin tone or match the color of the dress. For colorful or printed dresses, a skin tone slip works best. Black, white, or other neutral dress colors can get away with a slip that matches the dress. There’s nothing worse than a fitted dress that likes to hike up. However, with a slip, you can move around care-free. Say goodbye to pushing and pulling on your favorite dress and hello to a hassle-free fit you’ll love.

Printed to Perfection

Choose fun prints, designs, or patterns to enhance your fitted dress. Prints and patterns tend to be great since the design draws the eye in. These dresses often feel less fitted than they are. Not to mention, prints and patterns are fun! Go for animal print, floral designs, or geometric patterns that flow in a vertical direction for maximum impact. Vertical patterns elongate the body, making you feel taller. As a result, vertical patterns work best with petite dresses where you would rather feel taller. 

Have the Right Shapewear

Shapewear can take your fitted dress from great to unbelievable. Shapewear works with your body. Typically, these under-layers work from your chest down to your thighs, although you can get specific shapewear for your tummy, legs, or upper body depending on what you want it for. Shapewear creates an ideal shape for your fitted dress. Try on a variety of shapewear to determine what best suits your body type. Shapewear certainly isn’t required for your fitted dress, but if it gives you a confidence boost, then absolutely go for it.

Fitted dresses give you a sleek look that can quickly be dressed up or down no matter what the occasion. With a few styling tips, you’ll be looking glamorous and fabulous in your favorite fitted dress. Layer up for softer lines, add patterns that pop, or go for a dark and sultry look. Either way, dress in a way that brings out your most authentic self.


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