Styling Denim for the Summer

Styling Denim for the Summer

Denim was made for summer! Hardy yet casual, denim will survive a trip to the beach, a bush-whacking hike, or a restaurant spill with ease. Taking advantage of the chance to wear those jeans is definitely a summer season must. But, if you've been out of the casual scene for a while or still have winter carry-over, it can be challenging to get your closet into the jean rhythm.

Here are some ideas for styling denim for the summer!

The Jeans

Trust in the jeans! Jeans have come a long way from their origins. They began as highly functional and durable pants for gold rush hopefuls in California. The fabric was a middle ground between cotton and sturdier materials used for tents and wagon covers. Now jeans are used for many different occasions and come in all sorts of styles and colors.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated look, go with black jeans or white jeans. While still made of good, strong denim, these colors dress up nicely. Pair the white jeans with a lemonade pink or a light aqua blouse for an elegant look. Brown, tan or white sandals work well with this combination. Switch to sandal heels if you need to take it to the next level. Black jeans can pull you back into stark winter contrasts, but not if you mellow them out with a collared chambray shirt or a white floral print tank top accented with a smidgeon of black. If you wear some strappy black heels, you can take this look to a downtown bar or restaurant and fit right in.

If you are looking at women's jeans in classic blue, lighter tones work really well for summer, especially paired with tanks and tees in white. Warm floral patterns on a white base wouldn't be amiss either. A bohemian blouse with delicate florals would make a great combination with blue jeans. If you have a basic white top but still need some bloom in your closet, a sheer kimono wrap with a floral pattern might give you exactly what you need to welcome summer. Plus, it could double as a beach wrap or a light morning robe.

Some Jean Shorts

Whether they are distressed cut-offs or cuffed and high-waisted, you should definitely have a pair of jean shorts in your closet. Whether you want to go from the beach to the boardwalk or you need to stay cool at a Fourth of July barbecue, jean shorts will serve you well. Combine blue denim shorts with a big brown belt and a cute white tank top for a classic look. Solid-colored tee shirts and heather blended tops are also excellent matches for blue jean shorts.

On the other hand, you can choose white denim shorts instead of blue. If you pair white denim shorts with a striped tee shirt, you get a nice nautical style. Brighter, tropical-colored tops, and chambray shirts also work really well with white denim shorts, as do pastels. Since these shorts are in such a light color, you can also pair them with some darker-colored tops like a charcoal tank or a navy blouse without feeling like you are moving into the autumn season.

A Denim Jacket

Jeans are not limited to bottom wear! You can't forget about the denim jacket during summer, especially since sometimes summer nights get chilly! Jean jackets provide that extra layer between you and the breeze minus the possibility of overheating and sweating. Denim is, again, a very hardy material, so a fun way to use your jacket is to counterbalance something a little softer, like a dress. Pair it with a flowy yellow cotton sundress, a floaty white lace bohemian dress, or a turquoise maxi dress. Grab a wide-brimmed hat and some sunglasses, and you could go to the beach, on a summer date, or to a music festival.

If you aren't a fan of blue jean jackets, go with a white jean jacket. While you have to be a little more careful with white, this jacket can heighten the elegance of an outfit. You can use it as outwear over all of the dresses mentioned above, with the white lending a little finesse to help you feel comfortable should you find yourself at some of the nicer establishments.

Denim jackets also work really well with jeans! You can match your denim pieces to each other or alternate. Blue jeans look really good with white denim jackets, particularly when the top underneath is a solid color. A flash of bright color to draw the eye makes this outfit combination pop. Similarly, a blue jean jacket over white jeans with a pastel pink top or a mint tank makes for a great match.

With these outfits, your delightful denim summer is ready to go!


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