Ways to Style a Cardigan With Different Necklines

Ways to Style a Cardigan With Different Necklines

Not only are cardigan sweaters an ideal chic solution to adding style to almost any outfit, but there are also lots of neckline options to spice up your wardrobe. You can have endless variety with your outfits when you know the tips and tricks for styling cardigans with different necklines.

Choosing Flattering Cardigans to Go With Your Wardrobe

Even if you have a favorite type of neckline, your best bet when it comes to cardigan sweaters is to choose a variety of styles. Even though you have plenty of options to create different looks with necklines, each style has a look that makes it stand out. Most cardigan necklines are universally flattering and versatile for every woman’s body type, so it’s just a matter of making sure you like the style and that it creates the right balanced look for your outfit.

Make a Statement With Rounded Necklines

Rounded necklines have a classically appealing look that makes a statement in all types of outfits. On a cardigan, a round neckline can help you create anything from polished looks for the office to weekend-worthy styles you’ll love. A cardigan with a rounded neckline is a great option for cooler weather since it has complete coverage and will help you stay warm and comfortable. While this option looks great by itself, you can also layer it to make it stand out. Try a button-up blouse in a coordinating color with chinos or active wool trousers for a work-ready ensemble or a cozy turtleneck and denim for a casual look. Pair a long print or lace-trimmed top underneath for just a hint of extra style. Or, try a cute corduroy or denim jacket over your sweater for a simple yet stylish look.

Button-up cardigans with rounded necklines also make a great choice for all occasions, especially when done in a cozy, luxe fabric like cashmere. Wear a cashmere sweater for women with a printed V-neck blouse for contrast, or a coordinating shell for a pretty, polished option. Add a rounded-neck cardigan sweater to an A-line or sheath dress, or make it part of a skirt-and-blouse outfit. A button-up cardigan with a rounded neckline creates an eye-catching look that is still very pulled together, so you can feel free to experiment with bright or bold colors.

V-Neck Cardigans Create Eye-Catching Outfits

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to stay cozy and look fabulous, a V-neck cardigan is another go-to. V-neck sweater styles are often available in hip-length looks, V-neck sweater styles are an ideal way to style an outfit if you want to show off the top underneath. Even if you wear it fully buttoned, you still see some of the shirt’s design. Try a sweater like this with a long-sleeved striped tee, a fitted blouse with a rounded or straight collar, or a patterned turtleneck. In transitional seasons, a soft patterned tee makes a great choice that lets you stay comfy no matter the weather. A V-neck cardigan also looks at home with almost any bottom, from women’s jeans to a neutral pleated skirt.

Shawl-Collar Cardigans Create Sleek Style

A cardigan with a shawl collar offers a unique look and unlimited styling options. Typically done in open-front designs, a shawl-collared cardigan not only adds some extra warmth around the neckline but also helps create balance. Straight-leg jeans and A-line skirts or dresses look fabulous with these sweaters.

You can also try pairing wide-legged trousers or long, straight skirts for a unique yet balanced look. The shawl collar is polished enough for workwear but also can pair with more casual tops. Crew-neck tees and tops and tops with straight neutral necklines are both incredibly flattering with this type of cardigan.

Style Drape-Front Open Cardigans in Casual or Dressy Ways

Drape-front cardigans are uniquely versatile. Thanks to the airy, flowy front and neckline design, these make creating a stylish look a breeze. Add this type of sweater to just about any top to create a fresh new look. Equal parts pretty and laid-back, it has the best of both worlds no matter where you go. Try it over a lightweight casual top in a fun print with jeans or a sleek V-neck blouse and an eye-catching necklace. All types of slacks and skirts work well with this look, especially fitted styles that have a slight contrast to the drape-front design.

Shaker-Style Cardigans Set the Bar in Style

A shaker-style cardigan neckline has a stately, elegant look that’s both sophisticated and unfussy. These work well paired with straight-leg pants and work-ready blouses, such as one with a keyhole style or shirred front. They also look fabulous paired with leggings and tunic topics. The line of the shaker design helps create a streamlined look.

Style Your Cardigan Your Way

Use these tips to help you get started, but don’t be afraid to express yourself in new ways with your cardigan creations. These handy pieces will take your wardrobe far, so invest in a variety of styles and get ready to wow!


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