4 Styles of Sporty Swimsuits That Are Actually Cute

4 Styles of Sporty Swimsuits That Are Actually Cute

It's an old story: You want a swimsuit that provides you the coverage you need for activities, but all the ones you find are not very cute. The colors are boring, there's not much personality, and there aren't many figure-flattering options. For some reason, people assume that sporty suits can't be stylish. Luckily for us, the times have changed, and there are more options than ever out there for women's swimwear. From tankinis and bikinis to swim dresses and rash guards, the possibilities for your swimsuit and what it provides you this season are endless! Women no longer have to settle for whatever boring suit offers support and coverage for sports while sacrificing style for practicality. Now we can be active and stay moving with swimwear that supports our sports while keeping us looking and feeling good. Here are four sporty swimsuits that are actually cute:

1 - Cute-patterned One-Piece

In the old days, bathing suits for sports and activities were ugly, boring, and plain. It was usually one color, black or gray, with a stripe if you were lucky, and no other flair or frills. Thankfully, that's not the way it is anymore. These days, a one-piece swimsuit could mean thousands of different styles, patterns, and necklines. Choose a girlier pattern, like florals, pastel colors, or a cute print to balance the sporty style of the suit. A one-piece is classic, comfortable, and supportive enough for whatever your summer swim and movement activities may be. The best part about different choices is there's something to meet everyone's needs. You can go for a full-coverage swimsuit with a high neckline for extra support. Even slimming and tummy control options will keep you feeling your best and moving comfortably. Get a confidence boost in whatever suit looks and feels best. The good news is, whatever you need, you find to personalize your one-piece and make it your own.

2 - Tankinis

Another great option is a tankini. With a tankini, you can still have the fun and flair of two pieces while getting a little more coverage than a bikini offers. You'll still get all the versatility that a one-piece offers but in an easier to wear and remove it. For more rigorous sports, a high neckline provides more coverage than lower-cut ones, and there are special suits designed for women with larger busts. Shorts can also give you an extra coverage boost. For a fun, flirty touch, add a skirt to your tankini. Whatever fits your personality, you can customize it to your needs. Tankinis are the sweet spot between the optimal coverage of a one-piece and all the exposure of a classic bikini. With a cute tankini that fits well and complements your style, you can have the best of both worlds—you never have to settle!

3 - One-piece with Skirt or Swim Dress

When you want all the support and coverage of a one-piece but want to add that feminine touch, check out a swim dress or a one-piece with a built-in skirt. You'll still be able to ove as freely as you need for exercise and gameplay, but you'll give yourself a girly silhouette to feel cute and stylish. For extra coverage, go for a longer skirt to keep yourself moving comfortably. You won't have to worry about how exposed you feel in your swimsuit or how well your suit provides support. Like standard one-pieces and tankinis, there are so many pattern and style options out there. Whether you're into stripes, solids, or patterns, you can find the cutest print that matches your personality. With so many options for styles, necklines, and straps, you'll be sure to discover the perfect swimsuit that fits your body the right way, too. You may be surprised how great you feel in a different silhouette.

4 - Board Shorts and Rash Guards

For the comfiest, sportiest outfit, women's board shorts and a rash guard are perfect choices. Board shorts are secure and sporty while also giving you optimal thigh and leg coverage. A rash guard over a bikini or tankini top will protect your chest and arms (with optional long sleeves) and give you extra sun protection. Two distinct pieces also give more opportunity to mix and match—get your clash on if you're into loud patterns or make one of the two a statement piece that contrasts a solid color. The style options are endless. You'll have all the coverage and support you need for swimming, surfing, volleyball, or whatever your summer sport is. Stay cute, covered, and comfortable in and out of the waves. There's no need to sacrifice style for support.

This summer, let go of the old ways. No matter what your personal taste and body type, the right swimsuit for you will be secure and stylish. As a modern woman, you really can have it all. Spend your summer in a cute suit that leaves you free to splash, run, and play.


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