5 Styles for a Labor Day Picnic

5 Styles for a Labor Day Picnic

Labor Day unofficially marks the end of summer. With kids going back to school, pools closing, fall activities starting, and summer Fridays ending, Labor Day is the last holiday of the year in the season associated with outdoor fun. Embarking on one final summer picnic is a simple and fun way to celebrate the season. It is important to pick the right outfit for the event as it is probably the last chance you will have to show off your summer style to friends and family.

Labor Day is typically warm, but there is that chance of cooler weather as fall nears. Picking outfits that can easily add a layer to keep warm if necessary can be helpful. Outfits with flexibility in movement and comfort are often the criteria for an afternoon sitting on a blanket and playing yard games with friends and family.

The Athletic Look

Some attend picnics with the vision of playing games and sitting in the grass on a sunny day. Being able to participate to your full ability is dependent on the movement allowed in your outfit choice. Leggings, shorts, T-shirts, sneakers, and a hat are essential items to complete this look. It is important to choose shorts such as athletic women’s shorts with moisture-wicking features and poly-blend fabric providing ample ability to move. A cotton T-shirt or tank top is perfect for staying cool during a game of touch football or battling it out at the cornhole boards. Matching your athletic shorts and cotton top with a slip-on sneaker completes the athletic style with shoes that are easy to remove post-game as you lounge on your blanket.

White After Labor Day

The old-fashioned faux pas of wearing white after Labor Day is often disregarded in modern trends, but for those who abide by the decades only saying “don’t wear white after Labor Day,” a holiday picnic is your last chance to show off those summer whites. White capri pants are the perfect transitioning piece from summer to fall. A white swing dress stands out as a summer staple looking to be worn one final time before a winter season in the depths of your closet. White jeans are a classy choice to pair with a colorful top to incorporate several summer staples into one look for the final summer event.

Cute and Practical

Show off your summer dresses, skirts, and skorts for one final time, but add a touch of practicality to ensure you are ready for all potential picnic activities. Cotton dresses are lightweight and flowy, giving a free-spirited summer vibe with a hint of classiness. Maxi dresses facilitate your ability to sit on your picnic blanket with increased comfort. Midi dresses and skirts are slightly cooler and have the length to continue to provide comfort but flexibility. Dressing up for one final summer activity with a skort is cute and practical. You’ll be ready for every potential activity, from the frisbee game to the photoshoot, while you soak in every last minute of summer.

Going for the Golden Glow

For those trying to catch that last-minute tan as summer comes to an unofficial end, a bathing suit paired with shorts may be your perfect picnic look. You can match a one-piece swimsuit with quick-dry swim shorts for a lakeside or beachside picnic, or style with chino shorts or linen shorts for a cute casual look or athletic shorts for a sporty vibe. A top layer of a button-front linen tunic over your bathing suit is lightweight for the summer heat and easily removable for some tanning or swimming.

Ready for Fall

Labor Day is the unofficial start of fall, and for some, they cannot wait for the fall staple of jeans and a t-shirt. A more summery twist on the fall look is jeans and a women’s summer shirt. A moisture-wicking tank top can keep you cool while rocking jeans during a warm day. T-shirts with different patterns or bright colors bring a summer touch to the paired jeans ready for the cooler seasons.

Arranging your final summer look for a Labor Day Picnic likely filled with activities beyond lunch in the park is tricky as you want to be dressed for the itinerary but also want to look cute for your final summer photos from this year. Pairing together pants and top, a swimsuit and shorts, or the right dress or skirt with the proper accessories are challenging, especially for a day of outdoor activities that may range from an afternoon nap to swimming.


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