Stylish Outfits for Kids at the Beach

Stylish Outfits for Kids at the Beach

When the warm weather finally rolls around, there’s nothing better than heading out to the beach for some family fun in the sun! Part of the fun is getting ready for the beach in stylish, sun-worthy clothes that kids and parents can both fall in love with.

Look for Fun and Function

Modern swimwear, boys’ and girls’ cover-ups, and swim shirts for kids do double duty in providing fun, stylish pieces while offering plenty of functional features. Styles that fit well will stay in place so kids can have fun without worrying about suits sagging or pulling. Features like ultraviolet protection on swim shirts and cover-ups can protect kids from harmful rays. Other features, like handy pockets in cover-ups, help kids keep essentials such as sunglasses, mini-sunscreen, or lip balm close at hand for all-day beach fun. The first step for parents or caregivers is to think about how to find great pieces that offer both the great styles kids love and the functional and safety features that will make every day at the beach amazing.

Begin With a Cute Swimsuit

The swimsuit is the beach essential for swimming, playing, and fun in the surf and sand. Help your little one find the perfect girls’ swimsuit or boys’ swim trunks. A one-piece swimsuit makes a good starter piece for girls, and a pair of solid or patterned swim trunks are perfect for boys. Some girls are more comfortable in two pieces, so girls’ tankini swimsuits work as well. An added bonus of two-piece styles for little girls is that they can easily be switched up, so if you purchase a few tops and bottoms, she can mix and match them to her heart’s content and feel like she’s wearing a new bathing suit all summer long. Keys to finding the perfect base swim pieces are making sure that the fit is right (have your child try the swimwear on, or look at size charts and reviews to find the correct fit) and that your child is happy with the colors, print, and design suit. Some girls or boys might prefer solids in basic colors, while others gravitate toward bold colors or bright prints.

Choose Coordinating Swim Shirts and Shorts

Boys’ rash guards or swim or rash guard shirts for girls are great. They not only allow kids to add another stylish layer to their beachwear, but they also serve a practical purpose in protecting their sensitive skin from irritation from boogie boards, surfboards, flotation items, sand, and more. Kids’ swim shirts come in short- and long-sleeve styles in everything from basic white to fun cartoon and character prints. Girls can also up the style ante with their beachwear by donning cute swim shorts. These can make it easier for girls to engage in fun water or beach sports or just allow for some additional coverage when they want it. Find everything from solid-colored stretch swim shorts to rainbow print designs with comfortable waistbands. For even more protection, capri swim shorts work well for little ones.

Go Crazy With Cover-ups

Another essential you’ll need to style your kiddo for the beach is a cool cover-up. These keep a kid looking great while warding off chills after swimming, protecting from the sun and wind, and making it a breeze to go from the beach to another activity. You could head out to lunch, the park or playground, or even allow mom or dad to run a few errands on the way home from the beach. Cover-ups come in a variety of fabrics and designs, including long-sleeve hoodies, short to sleeveless terry cover-ups, full-length zipper cover-ups, and more. You may even want to choose a couple of designs to give your kiddo more style options. A longer cover-up is a good option to throw on after an evening at the beach, while a sleeveless terry cover-up can be great to put on briefly during the day before moving on to another activity.

Don’t Forget the Accessories!

A kid’s beach look isn’t complete without some stellar accessories! Look for cute sunglasses that include UV protection, flip flops or slides that have a good grip to the sole so kids don’t slip, and fun sun hats, caps, or visors that will help protect them from the sun’s rays and shield their eyes and faces from the sun. For kids who have long hair, a few fun hair ties will keep them looking and feeling cool at the beach. Finally, finish everything off with a personalized beach bag for your child to tote their sunscreen, beach towel, and water bottle. That’s it—now you and your kiddo are ready to hit the beach in style!

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