7 Style Tips for Accessorizing Your Modest Swimwear

7 Style Tips for Accessorizing Your Modest Swimwear

Whether you’re spending the summer working on your tan or your sailing skills, you’ve got to have a great swimsuit to accompany you on all your sweet, sunny days. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may choose to settle on a modest swimsuit, like a high neck swimsuit, a tankini, or a swim skirt.

After you’ve found the perfect modest swimsuit for your body type, however, what’s next? You may be wondering about accessories — what will pair perfectly and what will keep you looking stylish? Thankfully, we’ve got seven great styling tips to help you accessorize your modest swimwear looks to accompany your island vacations, your poolside summers, and everything in-between.

Play with Color

When it comes to finding the perfect accessories for your modest swimwear, you should first and foremost think about the color palette you’re going for. If you’ve got a classic black bikini bathing suit, you should think of accessories that will pop against the dark backdrop, like metallics or reds and pinks. If you’re going for cool tones to match the ocean’s blue-green waves, pick a complementary color to accessorize with, like butter yellow or sky blue. Perhaps you’ve landed on a loud pattern for your swimsuit. Accessorize with one of the accent colors, such as pairing a blue, red, and pink swimsuit with a pink baseball cap or red beach tote.

Mix and Match Patterns

When it comes to your swimwear look, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns. Adding accessories with complementary patterns is a great way to stand out from the poolside to the lakeside. For example, if your suit has polka dots, try pairing it with board shorts with a loud pattern like florals or stripes. The key to pattern matching is making sure to balance it out, like pairing a small polka dots print with a bigger tropical leaves print. You should also make sure your patterns have complementary color schemes. This styling tip is especially true of neutral patterns like animal print. Cheetah swimsuit and leopard print sarong? Yes, please.

Cover Up and Flatter Your Figure

Beach cover-ups are a great way to accessorize your modest swimwear, especially if you plan to pop into a seaside shop or grab drinks on the boardwalk after a long day in the sun. From sarongs to gauzy white dresses to board shorts, you can find the fashion-forward look that perfectly pairs your swimsuit.

When choosing cover-ups, remember to factor in the neckline of your swimsuit. If you have a high-necked suit, pair it with a high-necked cover-up, or slip into a pair of shorts and wear your suit as a top. Add an extra beachy vibe to any outfit with a braided rope belt.

Keep Your Shoe Game Strong

The right shoes will tie any outfit together. Grab your thong sandals to kick off in the sand, or throw on a pair of huaraches to head to a crab shack or seaside brewery. If you find yourself on a boat, wading into the water to board your kayak, or hanging out on a rocky shoreline, water shoes will be a savior for your feet.

Top Off Your Look

Don’t forget the headwear! When you’re out in the sun all day, proper headwear will protect your face and scalp from the harsh rays and keep you looking stylish. Depending on your style, you should choose a hat, visor, or headscarf to suit you. If you’re keeping it classic or preppy, consider a floppy straw hat or fedora. Sporty? Throw on a baseball cap. Casual? A visor is all you need.

It’s All in the Bag

You can’t head to the beach without a bag for all of your necessities, like sunglasses, sunscreen, a beach read, and a water bottle. Throw it all in a canvas tote. If you aren’t carrying anything too small, a crochet market bag is equally sweet for your summer look. If you’re sporty and you need to carry a volleyball or two, grab your backpack instead.

No matter which bag you choose, top it off with a stylish twist by tying a silk scarf around the handle. It adds a touch of sophistication to your swimwear look. Plus, you never know when you’ll need to dab at your brow when the sun is beating down on you.

Find Accessories with UPF Protection

From hats to rash guard shirts to cover-ups, accessories should protect you from the sun, too. Keep that in mind while shopping for your perfect swim accessories. Lands’ End has your back (and any area exposed to the sun) with plenty of sun-protective swimwear and accessories to keep you comfortable and safe even if you’re hitting the waves all day long.

Now that you’ve got a strong accessory game going, it’s time to toss it all in your beach tote, grab your umbrella and cooler, and hit the sand for some fun in the sun. Remember, you can always mix and match your modest swimwear with multiple accessories so that you can shake up your beach looks all summer long.


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