Style Tips for Men's Plus Size Clothes

Style Tips for Men's Plus Size Clothes

If you're a plus sized man looking for style tips, you've come to the right place. Lands’ End has your back! Let’s look at some easy ways to keep you feeling comfortable and looking great.

First, The Fit

Looking and feeling great in your clothes require clothes that fit. If it’s been a while since you got out a tape measure, make sure to double-check what sizes you wear in big men’s shirts, big men’s pants, jackets, and outerwear. This includes the following measurements: neck, chest, arm length, waist, and hips. The Lands’ End site has easy instructions on how to measure sizes for everything from shirts and pants to hats and gloves.

Even if you think you know your current sizes, give yourself the gift of being sure. Once you have your measurements, jot them down on your smartphone. This will be a handy reference when sorting through sizes in the future. When debating between a 2X and a 3X, for example, it’s great to be able to just look it up and get it right the first time. When shopping online, it’s also a good idea to stick with retailers that have great return policies (like ours), just in case.

Sharp Looking Silhouette

Keep the silhouette you prefer in mind, too. Most guys prefer clothing that's comfy but not baggy. This is true even with men’s workout clothes. Comfy but not baggy is the sweet spot that will keep you feeling and looking great. Clothes are most flattering when they're loose enough to be comfy but still fitted enough to create a smooth silhouette. Keep an eye out for phrases like “skinny”,” straight leg”, and “relaxed fit” as you shop for clothing. These will give you cues for how garments are cut, but always try on clothes before you make a final decision. You'll want to be sure that “relaxed fit” is how relaxed you want it to be.

Neutral Colors

Neutrals are the building blocks of your wardrobe. If you’re a guy who likes easy wardrobe “rules” to follow, consider always wearing dark neutral pants. Big men’s jeans in a dark wash, for example, are a great wardrobe staple. Choosing dark neutrals for pants has several advantages. They're versatile, so you can wear them with a variety of shirts. They make your outfit look “grounded”, and they also hide stains better than their light-colored counterparts (hey, stains happen).

For an easy and sophisticated outfit, start with dark neutral pants and then add a light neutral shirt. One of the most iconic casual outfits a guy can wear is dark wash jeans with a white T-shirt. Add a pair of white or black sneakers and you're good to go. The white dress shirt is another wardrobe staple that you'll want to have. To dress up jeans, just add a white dress shirt, a nice pair of loafers, and a matching leather belt. Add a sports coat for a smart casual look (and extra warmth).

Bright Colors

When choosing bright colors, make sure they're the ones that make you look and feel great. Is there a certain big men’s dress shirt that always brings compliments when you wear it? Is there a specific shade of blue that makes your face “brighter” when you look in a mirror? Go with the colors that you know work for you. If you’re not sure about this, experiment a little. Try on different colored shirts. This is an advantage of shopping online, as most brick-and-mortar dressing rooms have fluorescent lights. The lights in your home are better for judging if a color is flattering or not.

You can even play with seasonal color analysis if you like. Look it up online as there are tons of articles on it. Once you find out what “season” you are, you'll have a ready-made list of colors that flatter your skin, eyes, and hair to help you look and feel great in your clothes.

Shoes and Belts

Match the color of men’s dress shoes and men’s belts for the best results. This helps you to look put together. Wearing shoes and belts that are the same color or darker than the hem on your pants is a handy rule for making an outfit look “finished”, but men’s fashion changes from season to season and year to year, so don’t be afraid to break this “rule” if you like. Bright white sneakers will go with almost any casual pants and the latest on-trend shoes can be fun to buy and wear.

By starting with the right sizes and adding well-chosen neutrals and bright colors, you'll be looking and feeling great in your plus size men’s clothes. Enjoy your style!


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