3 Ways to Style a Cashmere Sweater for a Date

3 Ways to Style a Cashmere Sweater for a Date

So, you've got a date coming up. There are so many fun things to do on a date, so don't feel burdened by anxiety or fear. Think of it as an exciting upcoming event where you pick out a cute outfit and have fun with someone new. Whether with a long-term partner or a new love interest, getting dressed up for a fun get-together is entertaining. But what to wear?

Sometimes it feels like there is nothing to wear even though you've got an entire wardrobe. But wait! That gorgeous cashmere sweater in the back of your closet is calling your name. Cashmere is a breathable, natural, and sustainable material that, like us, only gets better with age. It softens over time and is a genuinely durable material. With one sweater comes a slew of versatile ways to wear it. Let's set up a few outfit options for your date night.

Cool Monochrome

One way to wear a cashmere turtleneck is to match it to same-color pants and have one item in the outfit provide a pop of flattering color. Whether that item is a jacket, scarf, bag, or shoes, you'll make a statement with this 'fit.

A suit and cashmere combo can be cute for a dinner date and still look good when you take the jacket off. In this outfit, you'll match your coat and pants and have the sweater be the alternate color. If you're feeling a skirt, a matching skirt and jacket will look amazing, contrasting the soft cashmere top.

French Tuck

We love accenting a pant with a French tuck because it's flattering and fashion-forward. Luckily a cashmere sweater is a texture that goes well with many different pants, so you'll have your pick. There's nothing like velvet or classic corduroy pants to bring an outfit to the next level. Corduroy is a lovely texture that is a little fancy but also casual enough for a date. And you won't have to sacrifice comfort for these pants, as ours have an elastic waistband that will stretch a little with your evening meal. Pair the corduroy and cashmere with a cute evening women's boot for a complete look.

Another great combo with a cashmere sweater is a long skirt with the cashmere either French tucked or tucked in around if the sweater is light at the hem. Or, a dress underneath a long cashmere sweater with a belt around your waist is a flattering look, especially paired with a slightly-heeled ankle boot.


Another favorite way to dress up a cashmere sweater is to accessorize it. Pick out one of our lovely dress scarves with a fun pattern for an added level of excitement to the outfit. Or, instead, go for a bit of bling around your neck, a long necklace with matching earrings will give an element of grace to the outfit. Whether you go with gold or silver comes down to preference. If you're looking for guidance, a general rule is that gold pairs better with a warm skin undertone, whereas silver goes well with a cool skin undertone.

The shoes you wear will be weather-dependent. If it's going to be a warmer day, comfortable wedge sandals look nice with straight-leg jeans. You'll feel confident and elevated with a slight heel under you. If you're feeling fancy, a kitty heel will look great too.

An attractive jacket on top of your cashmere sweater can add interest. Pick a texture like wool or leather that will contrast and provide added warmth and style. If you anticipate a cold night, here's a little hack - wear a black or other neutral-colored turtleneck body suit. Bodysuits are suitable because they add a layer of warmth without adding any bulk to your top half. The turtleneck will look cute peeking out of your stunning cashmere sweater.

Yet another accessory option is carrying an accenting bag. You'll have plenty of items you need to take - phone, wallet, keys, etc., so you could use the excuse to add interest to the outfit and carry a sweet purse. Leather bags always look good, especially if you can match them to the color of your shoes or jacket.

How to Have a Great Date

If you are the initiator, you plan the date based on how you would like to interact with the person. If you'd like an active date, go to a bar with an arcade. The games' excitement will help cover up any nerves you or your date might have. Any of the above outfits will be perfect for dinner, a movie date, or a day at the museum.

No matter what you do or wear, the important part is that you take the date by moment and allow yourself to enjoy the time with the one you're with. The best advice we can give is to be yourself because you're great. Have fun!


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