4 Struggles Tall Men Deal With

4 Struggles Tall Men Deal With

Besides dealing with daily cute questions like, “What’s the weather like up there?”, being especially tall comes with some real struggles. Shopping is hard work.

Finding outfits that fit you just right is always a challenge unless you exclusively shop in Tall Men’s sections. Now, don’t get us wrong?—being tall also comes with some fantastic perks. Being able to reach the highest shelf in the kitchen is always a plus. But for the issues that are annoying daily struggles, we have compiled this handy list to help you better deal with them.

1. Shirts Never Stay Tucked In

A properly tucked-in shirt should appear smooth and flat across the front body. Especially if we are talking about a business professional button-up, there should be no wrinkling where the shirt subtly comes out over the pants and forms a ring around your midsection.

If you are someone who is very tall, however, this tuck can sometimes seem impossible. Once you have found a shirt that fits your shoulders and has an appropriate sleeve length, the next challenge is whether this new shirt will tuck in and stay tucked in. To ensure that you can find a good dress shirt that you can properly tuck in, we recommend big and tall dress shirts. Whether you are dressing for work with a suit and tie or going out for a date night, you are sure to find the right style and fit for you in this section.

T-shirts are slightly less of a struggle but can be just as annoying. You may not want to tuck your t-shirt in, but you certainly want to be able to move around in your clothing without exposing your abdomen every time you lift your arms, right? Luckily, men’s tall t-shirts exist for just this very reason. Finally, a t-shirt that is cool and comfy, and will actually stay put and not ride up or leave your torso exposed during your daily activities.

2. Long Sleeves Look Like Quarter-Length Sleeves

Another common struggle for tall men is the sleeve length. Once you do find that perfect shirt that you can tuck in and fits across your shoulders, you also have to make sure that the sleeves are actually going to cover your arms! There is nothing worse than finding the exact style you want only to try it on and realize the so-called long-sleeved shirt of your dreams fits you like a quarter-length sleeve shirt, ending somewhere in the middle of your forearm.

Luckily, big and tall long sleeve shirts are here to end this woeful time for you. Shopping in a section made just for your size and height is the best solution to this common struggle for tall men.

3. Finding Pants That Actually Fit Is a Pain in the….Well, Pants.

The average height for a man in the United States is right around 5’9", which means most clothing options are catered to people around this height. For tall folks well over 6 feet, this is unhelpful, especially when it comes to shopping for pants. When shopping in specific sections for taller people, such as tall men’s pants, it is important to know your measurements to ensure the best fit for you.

First, you will need to know your inseam. Inseam is the length of the jeans’ leg. It is found by measuring from the top of your thigh to the bottom of the leg. In short (no pun intended), it is the inside leg measurement of the pants. Then, of course, you will need your waist measurement. The combination of these two measurements will help you find the best fit for you.

4. Finding the Right Shoes

Being an exceptionally tall person can also mean having larger feet which means the search for good men’s shoes is yet another struggle. The average shoe size for men is around size 10.5. However, the average shoe size for men over 6 feet is around size 12. If you fall in this range, you likely already know how difficult it can be to find shoes over a size 12. Get fitted at a shoe store to know your exact size and shop shoes online or at specialty stores.

Now, if only we could make bathroom stalls taller and airplanes more comfortable for you too!


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