Tips to Make End-of-Summer Get-Togethers Stress Free

Tips to Make End-of-Summer Get-togethers Stress Free

As the end of summer approaches, take this opportunity to celebrate long, golden days and cool, tranquil nights before we begin our busy autumn schedules. Invites are starting to come in for picnics, campfires, poolside get-togethers, and more.

With summer waning and various parties on the horizon, it isn’t easy to know what to expect from the weather and accommodations. One of the biggest questions we often ask ourselves is: What do I wear? That’s where we come in. Whether you’re a guest or a host this year, we have everything you need to feel comfortable and confident at any end-of-summer gathering.

Keep Your Cool on Warm Summer Days

Nothing beats an outdoor picnic or backyard gathering during late summer. The warm glow of sunshine and the taste of delicious fresh food combine to create a cheerful atmosphere. Other than thinking about what dish to bring, you might also be wondering what to wear on hot—or even sweltering—days.

One of the easiest ways to stay cool is to wear a comfy summer dress. Flowing, breezy designs are perfect for sitting outside on a hot day. Pair your outfit with a summer hat or scarf for an effortlessly elegant look and to protect yourself from some of the sun’s rays.

Another comfy option is to throw on a colorful tee with shorts, chinos, or stretchy capri yoga pants. Complete the outfit with sneakers or sandals. This casual look works wonders if you want to join in on a game of backyard volleyball or badminton or go for a stroll. When in doubt, choose lightweight, breathable styles in fabrics like cotton, chambray, and linen so you can enjoy a day of fun conversation and good food with friends and family without any added stress.

Take Your Day to the Water

For the sailors and aquatic gurus out there, a day sailing or out on the boat is just what you need as summer comes to a close. Prepare for chilly wind and mist while you look the part in a raincoat, slip-on shoes, chinos, and a stylish polo. Throw a swimsuit and towel in your tote bag just in case, and you’ll be ready for whatever the water brings that day.

Get Cozy When the Party Goes Late

If you’re off to a fun night of roasting marshmallows around a small campfire or curling up in the host’s living room if you get rained out, take along your favorite cardigan sweater. Also, you can never go wrong with crop pants, leggings, or a maxi dress in case the night gets chilly.

As dew starts to settle on the grass and twilight turns into evening, keep your toes cozy in a pair of stylish slip ons, loafers, or flats. When in doubt, pack a few different options—a long-sleeve shirt, a light pullover, and maybe a pair of socks and shoes if you wore sandals. Throw everything in a canvas tote bag, so you’re prepared whether the night is balmy or cool.

Layer Up and Relax Poolside

If your group is headed to the beach or for a day by the pool, wear all your favorite layers. Planning to get in the water? Start with swimsuits and sandals and work from there cover-ups breezy dresses, and summer hats. Don’t forget your personalized beach towel!

If sunning yourself and relaxing on a nice patio chair is how you prefer to spend the day, go dressed for kicking your feet up in a basic tee, shorts, and slides. For glam sunbathing, slip on your favorite wedge sandals or heels and accessorize your dress or swimsuit with sunglasses and a hat or headscarf.

Set the Scene When You Host

Let’s tackle what to do when you’re the one throwing the party. Dressing to impress and come prepared as a guest is one thing, but hosting friends and family is quite another. Start by choosing a location that feels authentic and will make your job easier. Do you want to go to a public park or beach? Or would you rather invite everyone to your backyard for a picnic or day by the pool?

If you host at home, you can elevate the space with beautiful serving dishes, table cloths, cloth napkins, decorative greenery, and more. Start from scratch with new outdoor furniture or spruce up your current set with a few new pieces. Add to the atmosphere and welcome people in with candles, outdoor lighting, blankets, and throw pillows. Take your favorite beach chairs, towels, and umbrellas along if you’re meeting everyone away from home. You can never have too many places to sit. Whatever the occasion, start it off right with a setting you are proud of and dress in one of your favorite outfits.

Whether you are preparing for a lovely evening with friends or a cheerful daytime picnic, we have the clothing, shoes, accessories, and home items you need to make your end-of-summer gathering special.

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