How to Make Holiday Shopping Stress-Free This Black Friday

How to Make Holiday Shopping Stress-Free This Black Friday

Few days rival Black Friday for sheer excitement. There’s really nothing else like it. The chaos, the noise, the general air of competition that washes over you as you attempt to reach for the last marked-down laptop or set of deeply discounted bed sheets on the shelf. It’s enough to make anyone feel a little anxiety at the prospect of missing out on something great. At the same time, it’s also just downright fun. Who doesn’t love the thrill of finding that coveted product at a price you’ll brag about forever?

Scenarios like these are precisely why it’s so important to approach Black Friday with a game plan. Otherwise, you could easily end up awash in a sea of bags, uncertain about what you bought but hopeful that maybe one or two items could be successful gifts. The rest? Well, you could probably return them if you decide against them. Or you could avoid that whole situation entirely by creating a plan of attack that helps you approach this amazing shopping holiday in an entirely different way. If you’re ready to enjoy the most stress-free Black Friday ever, here’s how to make sure it goes according to plan.

Make a Thorough List

It’s so easy (so easy) to get caught up in the excitement surrounding Black Friday. If you enjoy shopping at all, then you know that once you spy a great deal, you’re unlikely to leave the store without it. That’s a great mission, but you can only count it as a successful one if said item is something you actually wanted in the first place. Snapping up an amazing women’s wool coat at a fraction of the price when you desperately needed some new outerwear is the best feeling.

You’ll feel less stressed overall if you purchase specifically what you intended to buy first. Then you can focus on the extra items that might make cute gifts for others on your list, or sweet extra additions that just happen to be good deals. But because the day is likely to be rife with equally eager and enthusiastic shoppers, it’s generally easy to forget every little thing you meant to purchase. Make a list and check it twice to ensure your Black Friday experience is a total success.

Check Those Online Deals

Black Friday once meant navigating throngs of people and attempting to get your hands on rare items that may or may not have been there by the time you arrived, even if you happened to stand in line waiting for hours. But things have changed. Today, retailers are all about your comfort and convenience, which means you can even celebrate online at home in your cozy fleece pajamas if you prefer.

Why worry about finding parking and negotiating crowded stores when you could easily find what you need from the comfort of your own home? Shopping this way eliminates a huge amount of stress and gives you some peace of mind. There’s no doubt that you’ll find equally great deals online, and many stores offer special discount codes and gifts to use on Black Friday. What better way to emerge a shopping champion on this epic weekend of great deals?

Make Sure to Subscribe

It’s something that’s easy to overlook in the days leading up to one of the busiest weekends of the year. You’re busily preparing your home for company, planning your holiday meal, and getting into the spirit of the season with your favorite Christmas decorations. Just remember that if you plan to shop on Black Friday, you should subscribe to your favorite stores’ email newsletters so you can stay informed of everything they have planned for the holiday season.

You’ll be privy to the firsts: the biggest sale of the season, the special offers that only last a few hours on the morning or evening of Black Friday, the discount codes only available to subscribers, and other similar special deals. Make sure to hit all your favorites, from the designers you love to the stores you visit year-round. There’s nothing like scoring deals on items you regularly use, and it’s always nice to purchase gifts for your loved ones at a steal.

Do Some Comparison Shopping

Comparison shopping may not sound all that fun, but it can be one of the smartest moves you make during the busy holiday season. What seems like an amazing deal on that kids’ bedding set might be an even more impressive deal at another store. And what you might want to snap up for yourself because it’s priced super low could be even cheaper elsewhere.

Remember that if it’s a limited-edition item or a rare product, it might sell out quickly. Use your best judgment in cases like these to determine if you’re getting the best bang for your buck. If there’s time to spare, however, do some quick online searching to find the product at different retailers. Determine who offers the best price on Black Friday so you can feel truly comfortable with your purchase.

With these tips in mind, you can easily navigate the busiest shopping day of the year with the same intensity and expertise as a seasoned veteran. After you get through it, you’ll be counting down the days to the next!


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