Straight-Leg Jeans That Are Perfect for the Workplace

Straight-Leg Jeans That Are Perfect for the Workplace

There are so many ways to style jeans. When you get the green light to wear them at work, you have so much fashion fun in store. Both men and women can style their straight leg jeans to achieve a desirable business casual look. When you integrate professional tops and accessories, you can make your jeans formal enough for your next team meeting. Here are some straight leg jeans that are great for work.

Straight-Leg Jeans: Find Your Match

Straight-leg jeans are a good choice when you want jeans that are not too wide yet not too narrow around the ankles. Consider them a happy medium between skinny and relaxed-fit jeans. You can still get that flattering figure you crave without feeling like your jeans are too tight. Ladies have choices between different rises, though today's fashion trends demand jeans are guaranteed not to sit too low. Mid-rise and high-rise straight-leg jeans are universally flattering, while the relaxed fit around the calves and ankles create a clean, professional look. Men can choose straight-leg jeans that have more rigid 100% cotton or Spandex-blend comfort fit for additional mobility.

Sport Some Business Casual Tops

With a well-fitting pair of straight-leg jeans, all you need to do next is find a top that complements it. For work, collared shirts are a good start for a wealth of professional looks. You can go full-on formal with a tie and blazer, or you can throw a comfortable winter vest over it and leave the collar relaxed. Also, a collared shirt under a cable knit sweater is a hole-in-one for winter office fashion.

For women, a blouse or smooth cashmere sweater is always elegant workplace tops. Wear a tidy pair of straight leg jeans and a pair of heels and you have a style that says “I'm here to work, and I'm going to look good doing it.” So roll up your sleeves and lean into that latest project in the right attire to keep your mind on the job.

Look Beyond Traditional Denim Colors

While jeans are traditionally a shade of blue, straight leg jeans can come in alternative colors like forest green, black, off-white, or beige. If your workplace allows it, experiment with jeans in bold colors like Coral Bliss and Soft-washed Sunshine. Having a pair of jeans that break the mold of the norm can throw a bit of variety and excitement into your day. This also expands how you can style your workplace ensemble with a wider selection of women's blouses and shirts.

A pair of black jeans allows you to show off the very best of your blue tops by offering a contrasting bottom. They also mimic the look of traditional black work slacks while offering a more tailored and flattering fit. Darker colors tend to give off a more formal look. So, make sure you have a few pairs of dark jeans in your closet for the days you want to take business casual to the next level. And, of course, a few pairs of ultra-fun colors like red are great to have on hand for the holiday season as well as a fun day or night out on the weekend!

Men's Comfort-Waist Jeans

Men's straight-leg jeans do have a tighter fit than relaxed or traditional jeans, but it doesn't mean that you have to skimp on comfort. Whether you're at your desk all day or are out in the field, having jeans that feel comfortable will keep you productive. After all, our men's comfort-waist straight-fit jeans are made with the active man in mind–someone who doesn't want to fuss with bad fits any longer. Their Comfort-First™ tailoring gives you stretch in the places you need it so you can keep on going all day long without wishing you wore something else. Get a pair of these jeans in your closet and you'll have a long-lasting, dependable workplace staple that will get you from your morning coffee to your homebound commute with ease.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

One thing you need to remember when wearing straight-legged jeans is that your shoes matter. Do not wear anything too wide looking. For men, try to keep it simple with a pair of low profile sneakers or dress shoes. You can also do boots, but just make sure they fit well under your jeans. For women, you can wear flats, sneakers, ankle boots, or heels. While you can wear most shoes with these versatile jeans, make sure you try on several pairs of shoes with your jeans to see what you like best. For example, you might have a favorite go-to pair of flats. However, when you try them with your straight legged jeans, you might find that your pair of chunky boots look way better. Shoes can help you elongate your legs and give you a smoother look. So, use them wisely. You’ll find that your shoes can also dress the look up or down, depending on what you’re looking to do. If you want to change it up a bit more, you can always cuff your jeans to show off more of your shoes and change the length of the jeans.

When you dress up your jeans with the right tops, shoes, and accessories, you'll make your outfit just right for the office.


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