Summer Bedding You Need for a Comfortable Season

Stay Cool: Summer Bedding You Need for a Comfortable Season

Keep cool on hot summer nights with the right bedding. Fall and winter bedding — such as flannel sheets and heavy down comforters — should be swapped for lighter pieces in the warmer months. We’ve put together a handy guide to help you stay comfortable all season:

Mattresses and Mattress Pads

While you don’t have to change your mattress every season, some mattresses may need to be rotated yearly to prevent wear from accumulating in certain spots. One thing you can do when the warm season arrives is to treat yourself to a new mattress pad or topper. Mattress pads can increase comfort and prolong mattress lifespan, so it’s a good idea to have one, even if your mattress is relatively new.

There are multiple types of mattress pads from which to choose. If you want super-soft padding, consider a featherbed topper. The goose down in these toppers impart plenty of lift and have a luxe, resort-quality feel. There are also down-alternative mattress pads that look and feel like down without any feathers. A temperature-regulating mattress topper is an excellent option for summer as it helps you stay cool. You can cover your mattress pad with a mattress protector to keep it in good condition, then add your fitted sheet.

Best Summer Sheets

One of the most important parts of staying comfortable in summer is choosing sheets in the right material. Here are our top picks for summer sheet-set fabrics:

Supima Cotton: This long-staple fiber cotton species is favored for bedding and apparel — such as men’s and women’s T-shirts and sweaters—because it’s soft, colorfast, and twice as durable as regular cotton. For summer, avoid flannel and opt instead for Supima cotton in a percale, jersey, or sateen knit. They’re all light and breathable, so it’s simply a matter of preference. Percale has a classic, semi-matte look, while jersey resembles a well-worn tee. Cotton sateen has a lustrous look and feel that’s similar to silk, and all three are machine washable for easy care.

Belgian Flax Linen: Another summer-worthy fabric is Belgian flax linen. It has multiple benefits that make it ideal for summer, such as its breathability. This fabric is temperature-regulating, so it helps keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Plus, it has moisture-wicking properties to discourage perspiration from accumulating. Linen sheets are soft and machine washable, and they get softer with each wash.

TENCEL®: This sustainable fabric is sourced from lyocell, a plant fiber. When used for sheets or other bedding, it provides lightweight warmth that’s ideal for any season. You can layer TENCEL® sheets with a heavier blanket and comforter in fall and winter, then remove the blanket and change the comforter to a lighter version in the summer. TENCEL® sheets—like the other sheets on our list—are machine washable for easy cleaning.

Quilts and Comforters

All these fabrics — cotton, linen, and TENCEL® — are used for quilts, comforters, and duvet covers. You can choose sheets and top bedding in the same material or mix things up. For example, you could go all-cotton with your bedding or choose linen sheets with a TENCEL® quilt. These fabrics are great for mixing and matching because they share many of the same properties. By combining fabrics with different textures, you can achieve an on-trend layered look.

For easy care, look for comforters and quilts marked machine washable. You’ll find that many of them are, thanks to versatile, easy-care fabrics. Some larger pieces and down comforters may require professional cleaning. Always check the care instructions on bedding to make sure you’re laundering it correctly.

Duvet Covers

When it comes to summer duvet covers, the same guidelines apply. Look for fabrics that allow plenty of air to flow freely and choose lighter knits such as percale or jersey instead of flannel. Once you’ve chosen a duvet-cover fabric, the next step is choosing your color or print. For a breezy vibe, stick with white or other light colors. Tropical prints are another option that’s on-trend for summer, especially when you add a natural fiber rug to the room.

More Stay-Cool Tips

There are a few more ways you can keep your bedroom cool this summer for maximum comfort. If you use air conditioning, keep the thermostat set to 68 degrees or so at night. Or you can conserve energy and open the windows while running a ceiling fan to circulate the air. Wearing the right pajamas or nightgowns can help you stay cool, too. Just as with sheets and other bedding, look for light fabrics. Supima cotton pajamas with a poplin weave are a summer must-have, as they’re one of the lightest, most breathable options.

With these bedding tips, you’re ready for a comfortable summer and a better night’s sleep. When temperatures cool down, simply add more blankets to the bed or swap your summer sheets for a flannel set.


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