Start Every Day Happy: Simple Habits to Start Each Day Off on the Right Foot

Start Every Day Happy: Simple Habits to Start Each Day Off on the Right Foot

If you aren't a morning person now, you might become one by adopting a few simple strategies. We’ve put together some ideas for maximizing your mornings, along with ideas for stylish, comfortable women’s loungewear outfits.

Create a Morning Routine

One of the easiest ways to enjoy happier mornings is with a predictable routine and a little advance planning. There’s no one-size-fits-all for creating an a.m. routine — but there are some guidelines to make the process easier.

Use an alarm to make sure you rise on time. If you tend to linger in bed, use the snooze function to allow yourself a few extra minutes. Setting your alarm for a half-hour earlier than necessary can also provide a cushion of time to prevent feeling rushed.

Include your favorite beverage as part of your morning routine, whether you prefer coffee, tea, or an energizing fruit smoothie. Take time for breakfast — even if it’s something small like a single piece of fruit or toast. Reading the newspaper can be part of your morning routine unless it’s a source of stress. If so, stimulate your mind with a crossword puzzle or read a few pages of something lighthearted.

You may also want to consider a morning meditation. There are many ways to go about it — you can do silent meditation that’s focused on the breath, use a mantra, or follow a guided audio or video meditation. There are plenty of free online meditation apps and videos online to try if this idea appeals to you.

Enjoy the Sunshine

Swap your women’s pajamas for workout wear and get outside to make your morning more enjoyable. Even if you have to be at work early, it’s possible to squeeze in a 10-minute walk. Even sitting on a sunny porch with a cup of coffee in the a.m. can provide a mood-lifting effect. Of course, it’s always a good idea to wear sunscreen outdoors — especially if you’re planning to stay outside longer than a few minutes.

When choosing apparel for your morning workout, consider women’s yoga pants or straight-leg active pants made from a blend of polyester and spandex. This fabric combo wicks away moisture and is super-soft, plus it has a gentle stretch that moves with you. An odor-control finish helps you stay fresh, while UPF 50 protects covered areas against UV rays. Comfy T-shirts are an excellent accompaniment to any type of workout pants.

There are all kinds of outdoor workouts you can do in the mornings. Although there’s nothing like a brisk walk, it’s not the only option. Gardening is an outdoor activity that counts as exercise, as is any type of yard work. Both of these activities provide a workout and a sense of accomplishment — plus, your landscape will look better.

Outline Your Day

Planning is always a good idea. In addition to planning your morning routine, take a few minutes to plan the day ahead. Even if you’ve already planned the day — or the whole week, for that matter — look over your notes and create a brief outline to refresh things in your mind. You’ll feel more centered and prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Sometimes life throws curve balls — so account for delays when structuring the day. For example, allow a cushion of extra time for your commune in case of traffic jams. Plan to be in the school pickup line early in case the process moves slowly and tuck a book into your canvas tote bag that you’ve been meaning to read to enjoy while you wait.

Although planning is important, it’s also a good idea to allow for free days. Treat yourself to a day off now and then where you don’t set an alarm or hold yourself to any demanding deadlines. Cozy at-home days call for comfortable loungewear, such as women’s sweatpants and a sweatshirt or tee. If you love leggings, wear them with a relaxed-fit tunic made from super-soft Supima cotton. Leggings with an oversized hoodie and calf-high boots is a lounge outfit that’s stylish enough to wear all day.

Set Your Intention

Another thing you may want to do each morning before officially starting the day is set your intention. Even if you don’t accomplish everything on your to-do list, approaching your day with a particular intention can make all the difference. Your intention might be patience, or cheerfulness, or productivity. Of course, you can set an intention that combines multiple factors. You might intend to meet a certain sales goal at work and plan to stay calm if things get hectic.

Journaling can help you identify your intention for the day. Plus, the act of writing your intention down helps establish it more firmly in your mind. You may also want to include a gratitude list as part of your morning journal entry, although your journal pages can also serve as a safe place to vent your frustrations. You don’t have to write a whole page — even a single sentence that states your goals for the day can be helpful.

Everyone’s ideal morning is different. Take some time to sit down with a notebook and write about what your perfect morning looks like. Identify any positive adjustments you can make to your a.m. routine and implement them. Even if you can’t achieve perfection, you can optimize your mornings and feel happier each day.

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