How to Spruce Up Your Kids Wardrobe Without Leaving Home

How to Spruce Up Your Kids Wardrobe Without Leaving Home

Update your child’s wardrobe without having to leave the house. There are a variety of ways to impart new life into your child’s apparel, regardless of their age or style preferences. You and your child don’t have to settle for the same old outfits — read on to learn more about sprucing up their wardrobe with no shopping trip required.

Take Inventory

A good place to start is by taking inventory of your child’s closet and dresser. You might even want to make a list of clothing your child has and what they need. Take the opportunity to get rid of boys’ and girls’ shirts, pants, and other pieces that no longer fit. There are plenty of organizations that accept clothing donations, or you could hand the pieces down to a younger sibling, a friend, or a family member.

Once you see the clothing you’re working with, it’s easier to figure out the pieces you need to buy. For girls, it’s important to have a good mix of pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, and tops. Neutral-toned bottoms in khaki, navy, black, and blue denim are must-haves. You can match them to virtually any style and color top, and they also go with various types of footwear.

For boys, many of the same guidelines apply. A few pairs of boys’ jeans and sweatpants are good to have; look for pants with sturdy construction and reinforced knees. During the summer months, you’ll also want to stock your son’s dresser with comfortable shorts in khaki and denim. Solid T-shirts are a definite wardrobe staple to buy in multiples, but you can also mix things up with some colorful graphic tees.

Embrace Online Shopping

After you’ve gone through your child’s wardrobe and made a list of what they need, it’s time to shop. As mentioned, you don’t have to leave home to update their wardrobe — or your own. Online shopping makes it easy to buy apparel, accessories, and footwear for the entire family. To make sure you choose the right size, always compare your child’s measurements to the fit guide on the product page. Some clothing items are true-to-size, while others run smaller or larger.

There are plenty of benefits to shopping from home. Besides the fact that you don’t have to go out, online shopping is great because it gives you plenty of options. Often, you’ll find more clothing items online than what's available in-store. Plus, you can quickly and easily check for sales and new arrivals with a few clicks of the mouse. There are even kids’ boots and shoes you can purchase online.

Shopping with kids can be hectic, but not when you shop from home. Your child can help you shop from the sofa while they watch their favorite show or play with their favorite toy. You don’t have to worry about them getting bored as you look around the store, and you can shop at any time of the day or night.

Work with What You Already Have

Another tip for sprucing up your child’s wardrobe is to work with the pieces they already have. Also, instead of tossing out stained or slightly damaged apparel, simply make a few simple improvements. Many clothing spots can be removed with stain remover and your washing machine. If your child has pants with rips or tears, consider sewing them or adding patches. Some jeans can be worn with holes for a distressed look that’s right on-trend. Boys’ and girls’ dress pants and shorts can be ironed to take out wrinkles and add a crisp crease; you can do the same with Oxford shirts.

New accessories can also go a long way towards creating a fresh new look. For example, if your child has a classic navy or black dress, you can give it a new look with colorful tights or leggings. Even the shoes you choose can give clothing a whole new look. If your child usually wears athletic shoes with their jeans or jeggings, change things up with a pair of girls’ ballet flats.

Mix and Match Apparel Pieces

There are no fashion rules to follow when it comes to putting together your child’s wardrobe, so feel free to have fun with it. Many pieces can be worn in different ways; for example, a tank top can be worn on its own in the summer and underneath a sweater in the fall and/or winter. Pleated skirts can be paired with sheer tights in warm weather and opaque tights or leggings for girls when it gets colder. T-shirts can be worn with button-up shirts for a stylish layered look.

The most important consideration when updating your child’s wardrobe is comfort and versatility. Choose pieces that your child is comfortable wearing, along with pieces that can be worn in different ways. It’s also good to respect your child’s color and style preferences so they’ll like what they’re wearing. Sometimes the easiest way to figure out which pieces to choose is to browse the online selection and see what stands out.


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