Spring Style Guide for Dads

Spring Style Guide For Men

Cold weather and thick sweaters are gone for the year--spring has sprung, and that means adjusting your wardrobe to match the warm weather. When shopping for men’s clothing essentials for spring, focus on comfortable classics that can keep up with you–and the kids. The spring season is full of opportunities to show off your style, so prepare your wardrobe with functional, stylish basics that you can mix and match into endless ensembles. Here’s a breakdown of what to stock in your closet this spring:

Cheerful Colors

When transitioning your style from spring to winter, start by brightening up your color palette. Of course, you can wear whichever colors you prefer, but certain colors and combinations simply scream spring. Cheerful pastels, light neutrals, and nature-inspired colors bring a bit of brightness and joy to your spring wardrobe. Pair a pale solid green shirt with fun, printed pants, or match one of your men’s polo shirts with your everyday men’s cargo pants. Dads with subdued styles love colors like baby blue, olive green, tan, and light, cloudy gray. To express a bit more pizzazz, incorporate flamingo pinks, canary yellow, leaf green, and bright blues. Small pops of color in a pattern and solid color blocks both express the joy of spring through your clothes.

Lightweight Outerwear

Spring marks the transition between the cold winter chill and the sizzling summer sun, so you need outerwear that can keep you comfortable as the weather changes. When picking out your outerwear, look for lightweight, breathable materials that add an extra layer without getting too hot.

A pea coat or topcoat is the perfect piece for those early spring months. These professional, stylish coats keep you warm when it’s still a bit chilly on your morning commute to work but are still comfortable and breathable as the sun comes out in the afternoon. Rain jackets and windbreakers protect you from those April showers and come in a variety of styles, from bright retro patterns to the classic yellow slicker. Jean jackets are stylish and rugged, plus sturdy enough to keep up with a day of roughhousing with the kids.

Breathable Knits

Knits come in all kinds of spring styles, making them a comfortable, versatile way to show off your style this spring. Trade out your thick wool knit sweaters for lightweight spring fibers, like men’s cashmere sweaters and lightweight men’s cotton sweaters. Knits incorporate soft, subtle textures with cables, ribbing, weaving, and unique stitch patterns.

Knit polos, sweater vests, cardigans–the list goes on. Wear your colorful knit polo with a pair of khaki pants, leather loafers, and a belt for a stylish upgrade to the classic dad style. Throw a geometric argyle sweater vest on over your button-down to turn your outfit from basic to snappy and sharp.

Classic Button-ups

The button-up is a year-round staple that takes on new life in the spring. Both long-sleeved and short-sleeved button-ups work with spring outfits, letting you switch from business professional to barbecue casual. A light blue button up with white pinstripes is an iconic spring piece that’s appropriate for work and leisure. Roll up the sleeves of a classic white or striped button-up to make your favorite dress shirt more relaxed for a day with the family.

Short-sleeved button-ups pair well with cargo or boating shorts, especially if you pick a fun print with a repeating pattern. Tuck an oversized, baggy button-up into your slacks for a 90s look that gives you a full range of motion, or pick a fitted short-sleeve for a balanced look that’s both casual and refined.

Playful Pants

Your shirt doesn’t have to be the focal point of your outfit; this spring, make your pants the star of your spring ensembles with fun colors and patterns. Florals, plaid, geometric patterns, and repeated embroidered emblems all add a fun touch to your trousers. Pair with a neutral shirt for a classic and refined look, or mix patterns to show off a bold, funky personality. When it comes to cut, you have free range for your spring pants. Trousers from your winter wardrobe and shorts from your summer looks can both work in your spring outfits. Love to incorporate funky socks into your outfits to show off that iconic dad humor? Pick out some lightweight cropped pants that hit above the ankle.

Shoes for All Occasions

As a dad, you want versatile shoes that work with different outfits and give you comfort and support all week long. A suede, leather, or canvas sneaker is stylish, functional, and durable for any occasion, taking you from running errands to date night. Slip-on boat shoes are a convenient springtime classic that is easy to throw on when you’re on the go. And, of course, classic sneakers give you the ultimate support as you go on outdoor adventures with the family.

Armed with these sporty spring pieces, you’ll be the coolest dad on the block as the warm weather arrives. Whether you prefer casual looks or smart styles, having a thoughtful spring wardrobe makes it easy to put together cool, functional looks for time with your family and friends.


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