Spring Sandals That You Can Dress Up or Down

Spring Sandals That You Can Dress Up or Down

Ah, sandals! The favorite footwear for spring and summer. Let’s look at some sandals that you can dress up or down to fit your plans and your mood.

Flat Strappy Sandal

Unlike its high-heeled sister, the flat strappy sandal is incredibly versatile. Most flat strappy sandals have thin soles that are either completely flat or have heels less than half an inch high. The fact that there are multiple straps makes them pretty to wear, whether plain or embellished.

If your flat strappy sandals are a matte finish and a neutral color, they can go with anything from women’s shorts and a women’s T-shirt to a skirt and top to a dress.

If your flat strappy sandals are embellished with, say, rhinestones or some other metallic or jeweled decorations, they will still be versatile but a bit less so. They should still look great with maxi dresses for women, but you would probably want to swap the shorts and T-shirt for a nice pair of dark-wash jeans and a white blouse. Add some sparkly earrings that coordinate with the decorations on your sandals for a cute look.

Two-Strap Open-Toe Walking Sandal

Typically, these sandals come with two wide leather straps, one near the toes and one near the mid-section of the foot. Often, they have cork or leather footbeds that are “molded” to your feet. Among the most comfortable walking sandals around, these sandals are great for throwing on before a stroll and will work with everything from beachwear to casual dresses. More casual than some sandals, they will not work with your dressiest dresses, but with the right outfit, they will become your go-to sandals and can last for years to come. If you opt for suede uppers, just be sure to care for them properly by following the manufacturer’s directions.

Tourist-Style Walking Sandals With Nylon Uppers

Some of us think of these as travel sandals because they are so great for walking and even casual hiking. They typically have a nylon strap that goes across the toes, a side strap that goes from the little toe side of the foot up to the ankle, and an ankle strap. This, coupled with a walking sandal-style base, gives your foot some serious support. These are great for beachwear, with shorts and tops, and with casual skirts or dresses (especially if they are flowy and mid-calf length). Some versions of these are waterproof, which can make them among the best vacation shoes around. If you want to wear them with a skirt or dress, stick to a solid neutral color. For shorts and tops, go either neutral or pick a colorful design for more fun.

Flat Mule

Flat mules are typically closed-toe shoes, making them more of a hybrid than a true sandal, but they are closely related to sandals and wonderfully versatile. Flat mules can be worn as indoor-outdoor slippers when traveling, look cute with shorts and a casual top, and really shine when paired with capri pants and a short-sleeved blouse or women’s tank top.

Heeled Mule

Heeled mules often have open toes no ankle strap. So just like flat mules, they are “open” on the heel. Heeled mules are a bit dressier than flat mules, but they work well with capri pants, a pair of jeans and a dressy blouse, or most dresses. The silhouette of heeled mules creates a light and airy feel that works especially well with fit and flare dresses and other skirts or dresses that have either an A-line skirt or circle skirt shape. If you are a fan of classic movies, the next time you watch one, note the types of shoes the actresses are wearing to complement their skirts with cinched-in waists and wide hems. If they are not wearing classic pumps, you will often see them in heeled mules.

Wedge Sandal

Yes, wedge sandals are back and even better than the last time they were fashionable! You can pair wedge sandals with jeans and capris or skirts and dresses. Especially if you like to add a bit of height to your style, wedge sandals can be a nice choice because they have more support than a typical pair of heels but are still “taller” than flats or low heels.

Often, wedge sandals are made with jute covering on the base that gives them an “espadrille look.” This makes them extra cute for spring and works well with casual fabrics like denim. They are not truly preppy but work well with many of the same fashions as boat shoes or classic white sneakers because of the trim. Try pairing them with navy and white or white pants and a pop-colored top.

Whatever spring sandals you choose, enjoy the freedom they bring!


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