6 Spring Pieces Every Petite Woman Needs This Spring

6 Spring Pieces Every Petite Woman Needs This Spring

Ah… spring! The warm breezes, the sunshine, the sandals! Let’s look at some great petite pieces you need for your spring wardrobe now.

White T-shirt

You just can’t get more iconic than a white petite T-shirt for spring. It will brighten up any outfit and can be worn as a first layer or by itself with shorts, pants, or a skirt. Pair it with a cute skirt and white sneakers for a fun and casual look. If it's a bit chilly (or if you need to take “casual” up a notch), it will work equally well under a cardigan sweater or blazer.

There’s nothing a white T-shirt can’t do—with the possible exception of staying white. When you find a brand and size that works well for you, it’s always a good idea to buy at least two of them. Also, when you're doing laundry, check your T-shirt for stains and take care of them immediately. Once you see any stain that you can’t get out (including perspiration stains), it’s time to retire that T-shirt to things like gardening or making a handy dust rag from it. White T-shirts look their best (and make you look your best) when they’re immaculate.

Tank Tops

A petite tank top is one of the most versatile garments you can own. When the sun comes out, you can enjoy wearing it by itself. If spring hasn’t completely sprung yet or you're at the office, it will look perfect under a cardigan. If you're layering it, choosing either white or black for the tank top and then a spring color for the cardigan will look lovely.

Because you can layer a tank top, it's really a year-round garment. Once again, when you find a brand and size that work well for you, stock up. A couple of neutrals and a fun pop color or two will do wonders for extending your wardrobe. If you're an aspiring minimalist or just like the ease of dressing with a capsule wardrobe, make sure to include a couple of tank tops on your list for spring.


It wouldn’t be spring without a new pair of shorts! There will be weekends and afternoons when you will not have to dress up, and a pair of women’s shorts will be just the thing to fit your need for both comfort and style.

As someone sweet and petite, look carefully at sizes and hem lengths. Try on different pairs of shorts and see what looks and feels best on your body. Will you be walking, hiking, or just hanging out in your shorts? Will you need comfortable “coverage” for bending or reaching? Use a full-length mirror to get the full effect. Black, denim, and white are all great neutrals for spring shorts, but it's also fun to pair a pop color with a white T-shirt and sneakers.


A great pair of women’s jeans can take you anywhere from errands to lunch to an evening out. Consider pairing them with a women’s white blouse for a look that you can dress up or down.

The right fit will make or break a pair of jeans. When trying on jeans, make sure that you start with the measurements for your current curves. The right pair of jeans will fit you well from the waist to the hem without feeling either too tight or too loose. Do you prefer skinny, straight leg, boot cut, or flare? What is most flattering to you? Different heights of rises work for different women, too. Are you “evenly petite” from head to toe? Maybe you're short-waisted yet have longer legs. Perhaps you're long-waisted even though you're petite. Regardless of how your lovely frame is put together, make sure to get jeans that fit you and make you feel great.


You need an easy petite dress for spring. After a winter of wearing clothes not just for fashion, but for serious insulation, a short-sleeved or sleeveless dress is almost as good as a vacation. Consider a cute T-shirt dress or perhaps a fit and flare dress. Indulge in some spring color while you're at it.


Did someone say “sandals”? Especially if you live in the Midwest, there is nothing better than packing those winter boots away, treating yourself to a pedicure, and going sandal shopping. Neutral colors are the most versatile, but a fun pop color to match a cute top can be a treat, too. When shopping for sandals, keep your lifestyle and activities in mind. Those adorable strappy numbers may be great for an evening out or a lunch with friends but go for the walking sandals if your plans for the day include logging serious miles.

Whatever you choose to wear this spring, make sure it makes you look and feel great!


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