Best Office Apparel For Spring

Office Apparel For Spring

Dressing for the office gets more fun in the spring. Why? Well, it’s finally warm out, so you have plenty of outfit options to choose from and don’t have to worry about layering wool sweaters, scarves, and cardigans just to stay warm.

You have the freedom to wear your favorite maxi dress or your go-to floral blouse — all just dressed up with the right work accessories and pairings.

Here are some standby items and outfits to keep in your closet for your spring workdays. They’re comfortable, versatile, and will have you actually looking forward to going to the office.

A Blazer and Maxi Dress

Year-round, a blazer is an office staple that makes nearly any outfit instantly ready for an important meeting or a busy day at the office. In the spring months, wear a blazer with a maxi dress for a fun, dressed-up outfit that combines the professionalism of a blazer with the comfort and ease of a maxi dress. This outfit can be worn with solid-colored maxi dresses or printed maxi dresses, just keep in mind that a black maxi dress and a blazer will look dressier than a printed maxi dress and blazer.

For shoes, wear some closed-toe heels or slip-on leather mules. As for accessories, you can have fun with the jewelry. Have a favorite pair of dangly earrings? Wear them. Want to go more understated with a dainty necklace? Try that. Your jewelry is up to you.

Floral-Printed Clothing

Thanks to the blooming flowers, spring is the time for floral prints. Purchase a few floral-printed pieces of clothing like floral tunic tops, flowy floral skirts, or a structured floral-print dress. By adding some floral items to your office look, you’ll instantly feel excited about spring and even look like an extension of the outdoors when heading into the office.

You can wear your floral items with a simple cotton women’s cardigan sweater in whatever color matches your outfit best.

But, light colors like white and tan tend to be the most seasonally appropriate colors. Spring is a happy time, let your clothing reflect that by purchasing some floral outfits to wear throughout the season.

Mix in Some Chambray

Chambray, a cotton fabric that resembles the look of denim, is a breezy fabric that is a great option for spring workday attire. You can wear it with a chambray button-down tucked into a pair of cropped dress pants or as a layer over a cotton dress. Additionally, chambray comes in many styles beyond a long-sleeved button-down, too.

You can get chambray shirt dresses to wear with a pair of flats or a sleeveless chambray tunic to wear underneath a spring jacket or cozy cardigan. You can wear anything from fashionable sneakers (in a casual office) to boat shoes to high heels with your chambray. The options are endless for this all-in-one look.

A Pencil Skirt

A high-quality pencil skirt is the gift that keeps on giving. You’ll have it for years since they never go out of style and they instantly make any outfit office-ready thanks to their fitted, professional look. Add a pencil skirt to your office fashion rotation.

For a big meeting, you can wear it with a tucked-in white button-down top and a blazer, and on a more casual day, you can tuck a loose-fitting tunic or fitted linen shirt for women into your pencil skirt.

Best of all, pencil skirts come in all different fabrics and colors so you can get a skirt that matches your wardrobe. You can try a plaid printed pencil skirt for more of a preppy look or go for versatile black or grey. Either way, you can’t go wrong when having a pencil skirt in your spring wardrobe.

A Canvas Tote

You can fit all of your workday essentials into a canvas tote bag. They come in all different sizes, but all are spacious and sturdy so it’s easy to carry your laptop and notepads from home to office and meeting to meeting. Have your canvas tote monogrammed with your initials for some added flair!

Dressing for the office in the springtime can be fun thanks to the warmer weather and the return of favorite floral-printed and spring-ready dresses and skirts.

With just a few items, you’ll be all set to have an exciting spring office wardrobe and to take on any meeting or deadline that comes your way.


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