5 Spring Must-Have Styles

5 Spring Must-Have Styles

Floral dresses, lightweight tanks, fun shorts — there’s no season we love dressing for more than spring. First of all, the temperature is a welcome relief after the frigid winter cold, giving us more reason to go outside and show off our wardrobe. We love the midweight styles that spring allows for—who doesn’t love a light jacket? Pants and t-shirt weather is maybe the best weather of all time. But spring also lets us take things a little shorter, switching over from jeans to cropped pants and shorts, from thick tights and dresses to shorter skirts and bare legs. We love feeling the spring sunshine and breeze on our skin, but also love having a warmer layer around in case the temperature dips. Here are five of our must-have styles for spring.

The Lightweight Jacket

We could practically write a song about the lightweight jacket , that’s how much we love it. An unzipped shell or a worn-in jean jacket goes with just about anything. The leather jacket is an iconic lightweight choice that classes up (or toughens up) your look. We’re particularly fond of the classic trenchcoat this season, maybe because spring often brings with it more frequent rain showers, and this jacket’s waterproof fabric has you covered. The trench goes well with just about anything, but we love it with a sleek pair of work pants or basic jeans and an ankle boot.

The Printed Skirt

Bring on the patterns! When springtime rolls around, we love digging out our printed skirts and pairing them with a simple, elegant top. A light floral skirt looks perfect with a delicate t-shirt or camisole, and we adore a leopard print skirt with a turtleneck tank for work. Try out a new pattern this spring that breaks away from what you’re used to—maybe it’s a striped skirt or a polka dot number. There’s an element of fun to a printed skirt that makes everything just a little bit brighter.

The Romper

Rompers make it so easy to get dressed—your whole outfit is sorted out for you in one fell swoop. This makes it even less complicated to get out the door and start enjoying the brunches, park hangs, and barbeques that spring can bring. Cotton rompers are great for around the house as well, but certain styles take it up a notch, making it easy to impress when you step outside. A patterned romper, in a floral or polka-dot print, has that wow factor that we love in the spring when everyone's ready to get outside. A fun neckline also makes a huge difference—a scoop neck or square neck adds an impressive shape to your ensemble, making it easy to make your mark.

The Wrap Dress

So comfortable and elegant at the same time, the wrap dress has been a fashion staple for decades, signifying the carefree, stylish woman and becoming the perfect transitional dress to wear both at and after work and even on the weekends. It’s all in how you style it. Pair it with your favorite accessories and some heels, and you can wear it everywhere from the office to the opera and everywhere in between. Style it with sneakers and a jean jacket, and you’re ready for a picnic or a Saturday errand-running outfit.

The wrap shirt is becoming more popular, too, giving it versatility even beyond its singular style and letting us pair it with whatever we want on the bottom, from a cute pair of high-waisted pants to a patterned skirt. In long or short sleeves, the wrap look is perfect for spring. It looks great with any body shape because of the way it forms to you without being too loose or too tight. The wrap dress is also ideal in prints, and we love to spice it up with everything from an animal print to a neutral tie-dye.

The Overall

No longer just for fishermen or carpenters, the overall is our go-to spring outfit when we want to be comfortable and cute. There’s a playfulness to overalls that we love. Easily dress them up with a more formal top underneath and a pair of heeled boots or sandals. Overalls are ideal for a day in the park, staying put no matter what sport you’re playing or how much you’re running around.

These are a few spring trends you have to try this season—all of which are fun, comfortable, and classic.


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