Spring Must-Have Colors You Will Love to Wear

Spring Must-Have Colors You Will Love to Wear

What colors first come to mind when you think of spring? What about bright yellow or green? Spring’s a great time to show off lively or soft pastel hues. However, don’t feel limited — neutral tones can work in spring, too. After hiding underneath your womens winter coats and chunky sweaters for optimal warmth, you’re probably dying to show off new stylish outfits come March or April. So, no matter which hues from our list you try out, remember to look as fashionable as possible!

Bright Colors

Spring is a great time to start incorporating bold, bright colors into your wardrobe. To many, spring represents new beginnings, and wearing lively solids and prints is an excellent way to greet the new season while looking, of course, chic. If you’re thinking about expanding your wardrobe with exciting, vivid colors, you have plenty to choose from, but we have our favorites.

Hot orange, for example, is a trending color that can definitely help you start the season off right in a big way. When thinking of the color orange, your mind may conjure up an image of pumpkins in the fall. However, orange definitely works for spring, too. Hot orange is one of the brightest shades of orange out there. If you’re going bold with this color, you might as well find fashion-forward pieces featuring it, such as maxi women’s dresses or peasant tops. You can contrast this shade with clothes featuring more toned-down colors, such as a denim jacket.

Neon pink is another shade you’d want to wear multiple times during the spring (and, no, not just on Wednesdays). Bright pink evokes femininity, and it’s definitely a color that works its way to the front of plenty of people’s closets time and time again. Bright pink looks good on plenty of spring apparel pieces, from resort swimsuits to midi dresses. Try wearing a staple apparel piece this spring in neon pink, like a cardigan for chilly evenings.

Kelly green has been noted as one of 2022’s top trending hues. Though Kelly green is commonly associated with St. Patrick’s Day, it can add a bit of dramatic flair to your spring-ready lineup. This color represents renewal and energy, which is perfect for spring. However, this shade may be intimidating due to its boldness. Look for fun pieces featuring Kelly green, such as a cocktail dress or sunglasses.

Finally, bright yellow is a classic spring-ready hue that’s guaranteed to brighten your day! Yellow evokes warmth, energy, and happiness. Many people have more of an urge to get out and explore as the weather becomes warmer, and wearing yellow represents that excitement to take on the day. Wear bright yellow fit-and-flare dresses, tank tops, or jumpsuits to add a bit of sunshine during your outings.

Pastel Shades

Pastel and spring go together like peanut butter and jelly. There’s a reason why soft pastel tones remain popular year after year — they’re undeniably beautiful. Dreamy pastels offer a sense of comfort and serenity. Another great thing about pastels is they go well together. You can mix and match your favorite pastel colors and wear them top to bottom. Pastel yellow, pink, lavender, blue, and green are some of the most popular pastel tones out there.

Since pastels are common in the springtime, you’ll find many clothes, shoes, and accessories featuring these hues. Dresses of multiple lengths, blouses, and women’s cardigans commonly feature pastel colors. However, enliven your wardrobe with items you may not normally get in a pastel hue, such as a denim jacket, handbag, or shoes.

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones work any time of the year, time and time again. Sometimes, it’s more about the features than the color when it comes to neutral shades. Neutral tones can match almost any bold or pastel shade, but you may want to pay special attention to your apparel’s attributes. Flowy fabrication, cutouts, pointelle, and mesh are all features that can help keep you cool on warmer days. Linen, rayon, lyocell, chambray, and of course, cotton all offer coolness, too. Neutral tones work great as bases pieces, such as tank tops and T-shirts. Also, these tones can help brighter colors shine, too. However, don’t count neutral shades out when it comes to making a statement—you can find plenty of eye-catching pieces featuring white or gray.

Seek out spring-ready apparel, footwear, and accessories featuring the colors you love the most. Also, consider florals, awning stripes, polka dots, and other ideal prints and patterns for this season. Make sure whatever you choose not only looks stylish but can keep you cool during the day and warm at night if your area experiences chilly spring evenings. Once you’ve prepped your closet for the season, get out and explore! Whether your favorite spring activity is a picnic with your family or a nature walk, you know you’ll be looking your absolute best!


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