A Guide to Spring Hats We Love

A Guide to Spring Hats We Love

While we think of winter hats as a protective layer against the elements, spring hats are just important to keep us from being exposed to the sun and wind. As the temperature warms up and we find ourselves spending more and more time outdoors, a good hat is incredibly valuable, allowing us to do more of what we enjoy while staying safe.

There was once a time when it wasn’t proper to be seen in public without a hat, and while things have loosened up a bit over time, we still like to think that our look isn’t really complete without one. We love these spring hats because they’re both fashionable and functional, making us happy to step out wearing them, knowing that we look great and are doing something good for our health at the same time.

The Bucket Hat

A great alternative to the classic baseball hat, when you want that same sun protection, but a little bit of a different look. The bucket hat and the fisherman’s hat offer a fun way to top off your look with their wide brim and add a big dose of personality at the same time. Keep it classic and simple with a solid, neutral color, or add something extra with a bright or pastel color for spring. A pattern or print look great on a bucket hat, too, and can be a fun way to add some color or intricacy to an otherwise simple look. They look as great with jeans as with a sweet spring women's dress.

The Straw Hat

Nothing says warm weather like the straw hat. Wear it to the park or the barbeque to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face, and enjoy its classic and stylish silhouette compliment any outfit you have on. Its lightweight material is super breathable and comfortable to wear all day. Opt for a specially made SPF hat for even more sun protection, or a hat with a wide brim but flat back, so you can lean your head back all the way in your chair if needed. Pick a straw hat in all sorts of colors, from the bright to the pastel, or stick with the simple natural tone for a traditional look. There’s a reason farmers are known for wearing this hat—it’s an effortless, comfortable way to stay cool, protected from the sun, and its sturdy material will last you for years. The straw hat looks great with any outfit, but we think it’s extra fun and playful with a fit and flare dress or a linen button-down shirt. These spring staples are made even more seasonal, and practical with the added benefits of a straw hat.

The Visor

The visor has all the benefits of the baseball hat, with its wide front brim and lightweight frame. Its open top, however, allows your head to breathe, instead of keeping warmth in, which is especially helpful when you’re doing any kind of physical activity outdoors in the spring, from running errands to going on an intense hike.

The visor is great for sports, perhaps best associated with sports like tennis or golf. However, it’s great for running, as well, or even biking, if worn under a helmet, since these sports can expose us to lots of sun over time. And the visor isn’t just for a front-brimmed look. A wide-brimmed visor is a great way to enjoy wide-ranging sun protection while letting your head breathe, too.

The Rain Hat

While we all wish spring simply spelled unlimited sunshine, the truth is that it can be on the rainy side. A great option to throw in your bag, the rain hat is like a lightweight, easy hands-free umbrella that’s super stylish too. Coming in all shapes and sizes, any hat can be a rain hat if it’s made from waterproof material. We’re particularly fond of the bucket rain hat, specifically one with a brim that points down so as not to collect water. The rain hat is your best friend in the spring, when at one moment you want to protect yourself from the sun, at another, the rain. Choose this for days when the weather looks iffy, and pair it with a spring women's raincoat for even more protection.

Hats come in all shapes and sizes—one for every kind of weather, outfit, or mood you’re in! Having a hat handy can help you stay cool, shaded, and fashionable this season. They can also help to keep you warm when the sun dips behind a cloud, which tends to happen frequently in the spring. While it’s no longer considered gauche to be caught without a hat, we’ll be wearing one all season long. Check out the links below for more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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