Best Spring Date Night Outfits for Women

The Women’s Guide to Date Night Outfits for Spring

Do you have a spring date night on the books? Are you still looking for the perfect date-night outfit? You’ve come to the right place. The outfit you wear on your spring date night depends greatly on what your date night entails.

For a sit-down dinner at a new hip restaurant, you’ll want to make sure you’re dressed up. For a casual evening walk or outdoor activity, you’ll want to make sure you’re in something that’s easy to move in and won’t keep you from having a good time—no one wants to worry about uncomfortable shoes on a date night walk!

No matter what kind of date is on your agenda, there are plenty of spring outfit ideas that will fit the bill. Here’s the women’s guide to date night outfits for spring.

Wear Something Floral

Floral patterns are instantly flirty, making them a great option for your upcoming date night. Plus, floral patterns are a spring classic, so this outfit is a spring date night twofer. For a fancier date night, put on a floral maxi dress and pair of lace-up espadrille wedges. For a more casual evening, wear your most comfortable black leggings with one of your bum-covering tunic tops in a bright floral print.

If bright floral prints are not your thing, you can still try out this spring date outfit idea—just wear a floral-printed item in a muted tone, like cream and white, or in different shades of pale gray. Remember that not all floral patterns have to be bright.

Go for a Little Black Dress

Few things are more classic than a little black dress, and the dress can really be worn for date night all year round, including during the springtime. For spring, you’ll want a short-sleeved or sleeveless little black dress in a fabric like cotton or jersey. All in all, you want your little black dress to be breathable for those warm spring days and nights.

If you wear your little black dress on a chillier spring date night and need some added warmth, put a cardigan or denim jacket on top for a layer of warmth. Plus, both a cardigan and a denim jacket will give your little black dress a different kind of date look. A denim jacket will dress it down, while a cardigan can add a pop of color. If you’re looking for something a little edgy, wear a leather (or pleather) jacket with your dress.

Wear a Flowy Skirt

With gentle breezes and warm weather, spring is decidedly flowy skirt season. For a date night visit to your favorite restaurant, wear a solid-colored fitted t-shirt tucked into a skirt in a bright color or bold pattern. This perfect date night outfit combines bright colors (the skirt) with an understated top to create a nicely balanced outfit that's fun and fashionable.

For shoes, wear something that fuses dressy and casual, like a low wedge shoe or a pair of block-heeled sandals.

Opt for a Casual Look With Jeans

Women’s black jeans are the perfect staple for any spring date night. You can make them party-ready with a pair of black high heels and a billowy blouse, or keep your black jeans casual with a pair of slip-on sneakers and a fitted tank top. Jeans are ideal if your date night includes any kind of outdoor activity—an evening picnic, an outdoor movie night, or a concert in a park.

Try Something Sparkly

If you really want to go all out for your next spring date night, wear something sparkly.

While sparkles can feel intimidating, they don’t have to. Your sparkly item can be as simple as a pair of shoes or cute handbag, or as bold as a sparkly skirt or some glitter-covered women’s tank tops . Sparkles are best for a date night that requires some dressing up, but, when done correctly, can also be an understated piece that fits right in on a leisurely stroll. For a leisurely stroll, opt for sparkly slip-on shoes worn with some leggings or a pair of sparkly earring studs. There’s something about sparkly clothing and accessories worn on date night that makes the evening feel even more special.

Whether you’re planning on going on a fancy dinner date or spending a casual evening outdoors, there are many options for your spring date night outfit. From dresses to skirts to jeans, you’re bound to find an outfit that fits your style.


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