Best Women's Spring Coats & Lightweight Jackets to Wear This Season

Best Women's Spring Coats & Lightweight Jackets

Selecting the perfect coat to get you through the transitional seasons is a tall order. One moment it’s sunny skies and the next it’s pouring rain or worse. The key to staying high and dry is having a variety of outerwear options at your disposal. That way you’ll be able to adjust to the wild weather. Let’s take a look at some of the best women's spring coats and jackets to wear between winter and spring.

Keep Dry With Rainwear

Spring is notoriously a wet season. The temps are starting to thaw out and the grass is getting greener. However, that means that cloudy skies bring torrents of rain, sleet, and even snow. Be prepared for the wet weather with women’s raincoats that keep the moisture away. For commuting outdoors, almost any rain slicker will do. However, if you find that your climate is prone to windy weather, you may want a longer raincoat to cover your legs. This prevents your pants from getting soaked and keeps you warm. If you’re active, you’ll want a rain jacket that has built-in venting technology to keep you from raining sweat inside the jacket. Select the best raincoat to suit your lifestyle.

Zesty Vests

Vests are a great transitional layer for the changing of the seasons. Despite the budding flowers, temperatures can still feel quite cold. But with a women’s fleece vest, you can keep warm while still enjoying sunny weather. Cooler climates may warrant a puffy vest instead to keep your chest insulated while letting the excess heat escape through your arms. Vests also make excellent layers underneath a light jacket for extra protection and cozy vibes.

Fleece and Fabulous

Fleece jackets make the perfect companion on a cooler spring day. Fleece technology keeps you insulated from the cold, but it’s also breathable, making it the ideal choice for sunny spring temps. If you’re the outdoorsy type, select a fleece jacket that has a waffle pattern. Fleece with a checkered pattern does double-duty by allowing wind to pass through and wick away sweat. However, fleece isn’t waterproof, and on windy days you may want a bit more protection from the elements. Fleece is the ideal transitional coat for those who want a bit of added warmth from the strengthening sun but don’t need to stay dry.

Wind Layers

A lightweight wind layer is the ultimate grab-and-go companion for spring weather. As the seasons change, so does the weather. In many parts of the country, spring brings unpredictable weather. Wind layers are lighter, thinner, and more packable than their raincoat cousins. Thanks to their compact nature, you can quickly store a wind layer in a small purse or suitcase. Stash this handy ladies' spring jacket and use it if you find yourself caught in an unexpected weather pattern. Although wind jackets aren’t meant to be worn in rainy weather, they can handle light drizzle in a pinch.


Another must-have transitional coat is one that can be adjusted to suit any condition. In fact, the best winter coats often have zip-off interior layers that allow the coat to transform in response to warmer weather. Sometimes the inner jacket layer can be worn on its own as a light jacket. Wear the robust exterior jacket when you need that essential waterproofing but don’t need the weight of a full-blown winter parka. The best part about having a multifunctional winter jacket is that on those exceptionally cold days, you’re still covered. Get three coats for the price of one with a versatile winter coat that can be quickly adjusted to suit Mother Nature’s fury.

Mix and Match

Mix and match all these essential spring layers in order to create the ideal outfit for your spring climate. Dressing in layers is essential during the spring months to accommodate for the changing weather throughout the day. Fleece jackets fit easily under the perfect raincoat, while vests can be added to virtually any jacket to give a boost of warmth to your core. Try a women's spring dress coat if you're worried that your other layers might not be dressy enough for a party or event. There's a perfect combination for any occasion!

Overall, selecting the best transitional coat for spring is all about dressing for the weather. Be prepared for everything from cool, breezy days to that dreaded spring snowstorm with a wide range of jackets to transition you through the seasons. Having a set of versatile jackets helps with the unpredictable weather between the winter and spring seasons.


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