Spring Closet Cleanout! Invest, Ditch, or DIY?

Spring Closet Cleanout! Invest, Ditch, or DIY?

Don’t you just love a spring closet cleanout? It’s a chance to plan fun outfits for warmer weather, try on some old favorites, and rearrange things, so your closet is prettier and more functional at the same time. Here are some tips to help you invest, ditch, or DIY for a great spring wardrobe.

Put Away Your Winter Investment Pieces

Before you start your spring closet cleanout, don’t forget to properly care for those winter pieces that you love. Whether it’s the women’s cashmere sweater that you plan to wear for years to come or your collection of women’s wool sweaters, show them some love before they are stored away. Make sure they're clean and dry, folded neatly, and stored in containers in a cool dry place. The same rule goes for your winter coats. Make sure they'll be clean and ready to go next winter.

Fit is Key

Dive into your closet cleanout by going through your spring items from last year and trying them on. If anything is stained or ripped, separate them from the rest. For everything else, see what fits your current curves (as well as your current style!). Create a “keep” pile, a “maybe” pile, and a “no” pile. If you have favorites that would fit if you lose a few pounds or tone up a bit, feel free to keep them, but concentrate on looking and feeling great with your spring clothes now.

Invest: What is Missing?

As you try on your spring clothes, what is missing that you need? Perhaps a new pair of women’s jeans that look brand new instead of a little too worn? What about a great new knee-length skirt that can be worn in different ways? Many Lands’ End fashions have the advantage of being timeless pieces that you can invest in and then wear for years to come. A crisp women’s white blouse for example, belongs in every woman’s wardrobe. It can be worn with everything from jeans to dress pants to skirts and can be layered, too.

Fast fashion can be fun, but if you pick up a cute top for next to nothing, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t hold up well due to repeat laundering or looking dated by the end of the season. Investment pieces should be the foundation of your wardrobe. They will also help to make your clothing more sustainable. By buying fewer pieces of higher quality, you will look great and need to ditch less next season.

Ditch: It’s Okay to Let Things Go

Many of us were taught to keep things “just in case” we want them later or that it was wasteful to let things go. When it comes to clothing, it’s important to decide what works for your current curves and what you enjoy wearing. It doesn’t do anyone any good to have clothes that just hang in your closet and never get worn. If it no longer fits or if it no longer fits your taste or lifestyle, consider ditching it — by donating.

It's a win-win when the clothes you no longer want go to someone else who can use them. Many of us love that “treasure hunt feeling” of shopping at consignment stores or garage sales. You could make someone’s day at a thrift store with that women’s cardigan that doesn’t quite fit you anymore. For more expensive items, you could also consider selling them online. This takes a small investment of your time, but if you have designer items you no longer want, it could help fund some new spring wardrobe items that you've been eyeing.

If you’re not ready to ditch some items, but don’t plan to wear them this spring, consider storing them away from your main wardrobe. Keep your closet pretty and functional for finding the garments you want to wear when you’re getting dressed.

DIY: Have Fun!

DIY means different things to different women. Don’t worry, it’s all good! Maybe DIY is pairing separates together in new ways. Maybe it means adding new accessories to an outfit. Just because you wore it last year a certain way doesn’t mean you need to wear it the same way this year.

If you’re crafty, consider making your own tie-dyed shirt, adding a peplum to a T-shirt, or adding fringe to a belt or some earrings. Tassels are not only fashionable, but they're also easy and fun to add to existing items like bracelets or even shoelaces.

Once you complete your spring closet cleanout, you'll not only feel refreshed, but you and your clothes will be ready for a great new season!


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