Spring Cleaning: A List of Items to Ditch and Keep

Spring Cleaning: A List of Items to Ditch and Keep

Spring cleaning is a big task, and sorting through outdated, worn items is half the battle! Get tips on what makes sense to discard, and how you can renew and refresh with welcoming, vibrant styles that make your home feel relaxing and inviting. Here is a spring cleaning check list to make your job easier.

Ditch: Plastic Shower Curtains

Plastic shower curtains are affordable, but they don’t hold up well and can quickly show wear and discoloration. They aren’t easy to wash, either, which can leave you with a tired bathroom that feels anything but clean and fresh. If your shower curtain has seen better days, it’s probably time to make room for something new.

Get Instead: High-Quality Unique Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can take plenty of abuse, so it’s worth your dollar to invest in a high-quality design. Since the space in a bathroom is small, make the most of every area you can. Shower curtains will keep your bathroom looking fresh and stylish. Plus, a good quality curtain is easier to care for and holds up better, so you can rest assured it will look great, shower after shower. Add in some stylish new shower curtain hooks and fresh moisture-wicking bathroom rugs in a complementary color, too. (And new bath towels never hurt either!)

Ditch: Scratchy or Worn Bed Sheets

Sleep is important, and we spend many hours recharging for the days ahead. Having old sheets that are worn, scratchy, pilling, uncomfortable, or in disrepair will keep you from getting the best night’s sleep. If you can’t remember the last time you bought sheets, you notice signs of wear and tear, or the style feels dated, do yourself a favor and get ready to ditch those old sheets. Seasonal colors and new looks can make the room feel more restful. Check the sheets in kids’ rooms and guest rooms, too, to see if they need to be refreshed.

Get Instead: Soft Supima Cotton Sheets

Cotton is among the best materials for bed sheets, and soft smooth fibers put Supima cotton in a league of its own. Get ready to get the best night’s sleep ever with a new set of Supima cotton sheets. No-iron versions make it a breeze to keep the sheets looking fabulous. Choose fresh colors and styles to make the space feel brand new. Check sheets for kids' bedding and guest rooms, too, to see if they need to be refreshed.

Ditch: Drab Doormats

Doormats are one of the first things you and your guests see at your home, but they can take a beating. If your welcome mats don’t look welcoming or their style doesn’t feel fresh and make you smile, consider tossing them.

Get Instead: Custom Doormats in a Classic Style

Make your home more inviting with stylish, elegant doormats in a classic style. Look for timeless designs and neutral colors. Consider adding a custom letter or other design to the doormats to really set your home apart.

Ditch: Outdated Throw Pillows or Accent Cushions

If your throw pillows are worn, discolored, or just plain outdated, it’s time for a toss. They’re easy to replace, so if they’ve been taking up real estate on your sofa past their time, let them go.

Get Instead: Fresh Seasonal Throw Pillows

While a small accent, pillows can still make a big impact. Make a bright spot in your living room, den, or another area with colorful, seasonal throw pillows. From soothing pastels to vivid jewel-tones, every season can make its mark. For an easy switch, look for colors and designs that work with your existing decor.

Ditch: Boring Decor and Accents

The point of decor is to make your home feel appealing, special, and stamped with your style personality. If some of your decor pieces don’t make the cut, it’s time to get rid of those boring, drab, or cookie-cutter styles.

Get Instead: Unique Home Decor That Fits Your Style

If you’ve never evaluated your decor style, now is a perfect time. Do you prefer eclectic, streamlined, or romantic pieces? Are neutral colors your favorites, or do bold shades make your heart sing? Say goodbye to home decor that just doesn’t speak to you, and invest in decorative items that really make your home feel like “you.”

Tips for Evaluating Home Essentials and Decor While Spring Cleaning

If you’re stuck when determining what to keep and what to toss, consider these tips:

Ditch the Old and Enjoy Your Home

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed; incorporate the culling process into your spring cleaning routine to help it flow smoothly and eliminate items that no longer work or bring you joy in your home. You'll be surprised how easy it is to get your living space in shape with a spring cleaning to do list!


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