Your Spring Bucket List

6 Things to Put on Your Spring Bucket List

Warmer weather and later sunsets are two ingredients that inspire us to do more. It’s more fun to spend time outside when it’s warmer. It’s also easier to muster up the energy to go out when the sun sets later in the day, and you're more than ready to break out your favorite lightweight spring jacket for an April or May adventure. In other words, spring is the perfect time to start a bucket list of (mainly) outdoor activities that make the most of the return of warm weather.

Get out your notebook, grab a pen, and make yourself a spring bucket list starting with these fun-filled activities.

Make a Flower Crown

One of the most colorful signs of spring is the return of blossoming flowers and budding plants. Grab your friends, your daughter, your sister, or your mom, and go pick some flowers to use to create your very own flower crown.

Fill a canvas tote bag with freshly picked greenery and flowers to use to create your crown. Once you have enough of the goods, go home and create your masterpiece. When you’re done, pose for photos with your loved ones — these pictures will be instantly frame-worthy and will remind you of a fun spring day.

Camp in the Backyard

Who said camping has to be saved for the wilderness?

Get the whole family to go camping in the backyard on one of the first warm nights of the season. Set up a tent along with a little bonfire complete with s’mores, and dress in matching family pajamas for your night under the stars. You can play games by flashlight, tell spooky ghost stories by the fire, and read books until the whole family is happily asleep. A night spent camping in the backyard is a memory our children will cherish forever. It can even become an annual tradition, that is until they outgrow it.

Run or Walk a 5K

Spring is the return of the 5K season. There are 5Ks organized by local charities and schools, along with more casual 5Ks organized by vineyards and breweries. Pick a 5K that piques your interest and sign up for it. It’ll give you an excuse to spend some time outside and get a good workout in.

Leading up to the 5K, you can practice running, walking, or a combination of both, while outfitted in women’s workout leggings and a short-sleeved athletic top. Be sure to sign up with enough notice to get some training in —you don’t want to try running or walking a 5K without practicing first.

Have a Picnic

A picnic lunch is a quintessential spring activity — it’s fun, outdoors, and lets you fully embrace the near-perfect temperatures before summer’s heat sets in. Put on your favorite spring jacket (one of your jean jackets, perhaps?), pack your one of our Lands’ End lunchboxes with your favorite to-go lunch, and head out to a neighborhood park for an outdoor picnic. Bring your neighbors, your family, or your friends to enjoy the day with you.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

It’s called spring cleaning for a reason. Spring is the time to reorganize and declutter your space to welcome the start of a new and brighter season. Spend a whole weekend spring cleaning your home from the garage to the attic and every room in between. Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in years, put away your kid’s toys, organize your blankets, and deep clean the space you spend so much time in.

Having a clean home to come home to all spring will be refreshing, just like the season itself. And not only will you be pleased with the improvement, but your family will be, too. Who doesn’t love a clean and clutter-free home?

Go Puddle Jumping

Rainy days in spring are inevitable. Luckily, our high-quality women’s rain jackets and rain boots make rainy days easier to manage, and sometimes, even enjoyable. When you wake up to a rainy day, make the most of it by going puddle jumping with your kids.

The activity is easy: just jump in all of the puddles that you see in your neighborhood (while wearing your rain boots, of course). It’s a fun way to make the most of a cloudy day and to teach your kids to embrace all of the things that life throws their way.

Spring is a time that’s celebratory thanks to the return of warmer weather, blooming trees and flowers, and later sunsets. Make the most of it by tackling your springtime bucket list this year.


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