Spring Break Packing Tips

Spring Break Packing Tips

Knowing the best way to pack will make your travels much easier, no matter where you’re heading for spring break or who you’re traveling with. You may be tempted to pack more outfits than you’ll ever wear during your trip. Or perhaps you haven't experienced the magic of a well-packed carry-on bag. So we’ve gathered tips you can use while planning your next vacation, no matter the case.

Realize the Power of a Carry-On

If you aren’t staying too long at your destination, you can probably get away with only packing a carry-on—if you’re flying. Most airlines allow for one carry-on bag and one personal bag (which can include a backpack). Go to the airline’s website to determine the correct measurements and weight for carry-on bags and personal bags. That’ll ensure you won’t have to, in fact, check your bag.

If only using carry-on and personal bags, you’ll probably be limited when it comes to the toiletries you pack. Checked bags allow you to pack full-sized items. Plus, when on vacation, with a checked bag, you can purchase a bottle of designer perfume and take it back home without the risk of your item being tossed out by a TSA agent. Remember to pack toiletries of the correct size and fit them all in a clear pouch. What you pack may be enough if you aren’t staying at your destination for a long time. But you may have to buy more essentials if you run out.

Make Sure You Absolutely Need Something Before Packing

Vacations inspire us to pack stylish clothes to show off to the world. You may be tempted to pack a million and one pairs of swimsuits. Watch out for that temptation! You’ll be annoyed if you don’t use everything you pack—knowing you could’ve checked one less bag. Be intentional with your packing. How many days will you be on vacation? You’ll need comfy pajamas—but you may be able to wash and re-wear your PJs. What outings will you go on while vacationing? Make a list of everything you plan on doing and brainstorm the outfits you’ll need. You may be able to get away with wearing a pair of skinny jeans on multiple occasions. Finally, pack at least one extra outfit. You never know if you’ll be asked to do something spontaneous, so you should be purposeful about your packing but not too uptight. So, go ahead and pack that cocktail dress in case you meet a special guy on the beach and decide to go on a date.

Always Pack Extra Essential Items

In fear of overpacking, you might forget a few essential items. There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of underwear! Always pack extra—but not too many—essential items, such as extra underwear, a small first-aid kit, hand sanitizer, and tissue. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about making a last-minute trip to a local store.

Plan for Unexpected Weather

Don’t we love unexpected rain during our well-planned trips? Sometimes, you may get lucky and have nothing but sunny days during your spring break. But, as a pro-packer in the making, you should always plan on days when the rain just doesn’t want to go away. On those days, you may still want to enjoy a trip to a new restaurant or tourist attraction. So, remember to pack rainy-day essentials, such as rain boots, a rain jacket, and an umbrella. No amount of rain will stop your fun!

Pack a Chic, Reliable Swimsuit

What’s spring break without heading to the beach—or at least the pool? Spring break gives you the chance to look stylish in and out of the water. Therefore, don’t make the type of swimsuit you buy an afterthought—make sure it’s as fashionable as you are. You have plenty of options, from class black swimsuits to bright and bold bikinis. Quality swimsuits may feature additional attributes that ensure you’ll remain as comfortable as possible, such as tummy control or removable straps. Finally, select beach cover-ups that’ll keep you looking chic as you lounge with a martini in hand.

Learn Tips-and-Tricks of Strategic Packing

When packing your bags, know tips and tricks to maximize your space. If you’re crazy about organizing, there are social media handles—from Pinterest to TikTok—that showcase the best ways to pack for trips. You’d be surprised at what you can learn from other people. For example, layering and rolling your clothing and placing these items tightly next to each other will save more space than folding. Nesting is also a trick that can save you space. Nesting consists of spacing smaller items (such as socks) and larger items (such as caps). Think about the size of your handbag, too. If your handbag isn’t your personal bag if you’re flying out to your destination, make sure it’s small enough to fit into one of your other bags.

Use These Tips for the Entire Crew

Apply these tips for packing if you’re traveling with family—and even the family pet. Your little ones may have different needs than you, so keep that in mind. For example, make sure the littlest of the crew can easily find his or her favorite stuffed animals. If you’re driving to your destination, pack plenty of games and toys to keep them entertained during the journey.

Poor packing won’t break your trip. However, excellent packing can certainly make your life much easier and your trip more enjoyable. Use these tips while planning your next spring break vacation, and most importantly, remember to have a good time once you arrive at your destination!


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