5 Bathroom Refresh Ideas for Spring

5 Bathroom Refresh Ideas for Spring

Spring cleaning feels right for a reason. Spring is the start of a new, warmer season when we can finally rid ourselves of our winter cocoons. It’s a time when decluttering makes sense and a time when looking ahead to longer days and more sunshine should be reflected both in our day-to-day outlook and in the décor that makes up our home. Spring is an ideal time for a home refresh, particularly a bathroom refresh. Bathrooms are rooms that are often forgotten about. They aren’t as exciting as a kitchen or living room and don’t get as much foot traffic, either. Neighbors can peek in to see your kitchen, but likely won’t be stopping by your bathroom, too. But just because your bathroom doesn’t get as much attention as other rooms in the house doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve some décor refreshes from time to time.

Here are some ways to brighten up your bathroom for spring.

Find a Sweet-Smelling Candle

A sweet-smelling bathroom is the first step in any bathroom clean-up project. Get a few candles in spa-ready scents like linen, cotton, or lavender to help make your bathroom have a relaxing, spa-like feel. Place your new candles in a decorative tray on your bathroom counter or on a shelf along with some decorative matches. Having a new, fresh candle in your bathroom will help make the space ready for spring.

Add Some Greenery

While you’re at it, put a small potted plant on the decorative tray next to the candle. Adding greenery to a bathroom is always a sight for sore eyes. Small succulents and cactuses are particularly good for bathrooms — they don’t require much attention and don’t need much sunlight either. Plus, their small size means they won’t take away from any of the precious storage areas in your family’s bathroom.

Get New Towels

Bath towels are a home item that doesn’t get enough attention — we use them daily, they’re on full display on hooks or shelves in bathrooms, and they can easily make or break a bathroom color scheme. To make your bathroom feel new and refreshed in time for spring, invest in a new set of bath towels. Choose a color or pattern that you won’t get sick of in a few years’ time and make sure it goes with your bathroom décor (unless you plan on rehabbing your whole bathroom). A new set of bath towels are a great way to make your bathroom feel updated and to ensure your family is getting the most out of bath time. Go for super-soft Supima cotton bath towels or dense Turkish spa towels, which are extra strong and soft. All Lands’ End towels come in a range of colors so they can fit the vibe in any home’s bathroom.

Pick Out a New Bath Mat

A soft bath mat is a perfect item to keep your feet feeling warm and comfortable after a hot shower or bath. Upgrade your current bath mat, which, let’s face it, is likely pretty old, to a new one. Bath rugs and mats are available in a range of colors, just like towels, to ensure they fit your bathroom style. They also come in soft Supima cotton, tufted rug options, and Turkish cotton varieties. Bath mats and rugs look particularly good in front of the shower door, in front of bathtubs, beneath the sink, and in front of the toilet — in other words, they are ideal for all of the highly trafficked areas in a bathroom.

Some fresh bath mats in time for spring will help brighten up your bathroom while also adding a deeper sense of clean to your bathroom; new bath mats are instantly clean and don’t have months of wear and tear from your kids.

Set Up Storage Baskets

Instead of letting all your makeup and toiletries pile up on the bathroom sink, organize them in handy storage baskets. Not only will your items be easier to find, but your bathroom will also look instantly neater. How’s that for simple spring cleaning? Our storage baskets come in a range of styles and sizes. You can opt for one that will easily fit on your bathroom counter, which is ideal for smaller items, or one of our larger seagrass baskets or cotton bin, which are both tall enough to stand on their own and can hold towels, bath toys, or whatever larger items you need to efficiently store.

Bathrooms are traditionally small, so you really don’t need much to make the space feel as good as new. Spend a day this spring getting your bathroom in tip-top shape so it’s a bright, calming oasis for all who visit in the warm-weather months.


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