Spring Activewear Styles to Try

Spring Activewear Styles to Try

When the signs of spring are all around you, it's natural to feel the urge to get outside and be more active. Whether it's taking a relaxing stroll down your favorite hiking trail or joining a sports team for the upcoming season, you need comfortable women's activewear to keep you moving.

This versatile genre of clothing can be worn anytime you need to be active or simply feel comfortable. And, best yet, so many wonderful styles are coming out this season to keep you looking your best. From classic styles to trendy activewear separates, there's something for everybody in this year's activewear collection. What are some stylish spring activewear options to try? Here are some examples of spring activewear you can integrate into your wardrobe.

Cozy Sweats

In the spring, the mornings and evenings can still be cold depending on where you live. As the days progress, you will get more chances to experience warmer temperatures at the beginning and end of the day. However, in the meantime, warm and comfy clothes like sweatshirts, fleece pullovers, and sweatpants are excellent layering activewear pieces that you can include with your spring workouts.

Sweats are lightweight, unlike other outerwear, allowing you freedom of movement and plenty of stylish options. You can even wear sweatpants and sweatshirts over a layer of lighter activewear so that you can adjust your comfort level throughout the day.

Sweatshirts and sweatpants also serve well as quick items to throw on for morning walks or spending cozy evenings outside on your porch. As you can see, this highly versatile type of activewear can be worn in many situations — giving you much bang for your buck.

Zip-up Tops

Looking for some fresh styles? Check out our cute zip-up fleece hoodies and jackets that come in different patterns and colors. These are easy to take on and off without messing up your ponytail. Partial zip-down pullovers also solve the same hair problem while still allowing you the appearance of a full sweatshirt. When you need to stay moving all day, you can wear any of these sweats with any other of your other activewear.

Zip-up tops are also perfect matches with casual clothing like comfy jeans and even a pair of shorts on a day that you know will turn warmer in an hour or two! Having extra, lightweight layers like this that you can take on and off in a snap is ideal for transitional seasons where the weather can have different moods at different times of the day. Since these tops are mainly made of fleece and cotton, you won't have to worry about fussy maintenance or large investments either.

Yoga Pants

When you want to be active but want to embrace the mood of casual street clothing, just choose yoga pants. This staple piece of athleisure is one of the most versatile bottoms you can have in your closet, especially if you choose a neutral color like gray or black. Because yoga pants can be worn on the couch as loungewear or to the gym as legitimate activewear, you can simply wear the same bottom all day if you choose. It also matches perfectly with a T-shirt or sweatshirt for maximum comfort and flexibility.

And, since yoga pants offer various types of coverage, you can wear different lengths according to the weather. On colder days, long yoga pants feel just right, whereas when the weather's warm, Capri yoga pants offer some ventilation at the ankles while providing that coverage you need for downward dog and forward folds!

Matching Sets

If you want something fresh for your new spring activewear collection, you need to make some matching sets. This can be as easy as finding a moisture-wicking activewear top and matching it with one of our athletic skirts of the same color. You can also mix and match patterns to make your combinations as interesting as you want them to be. You may find your comfort zone with a full coverage sports bra and a pair of high-waisted active pants, or you may prefer to wear a long sleeve active top with a pair of cozy running shorts.

In the spring, the weather is just right for experimenting with different sleeve and pants lengths due to the fluctuating temperatures. This change in weather, which can feel tedious at times, actually gives you many opportunities to find what works for you. Get excited about finding what types of mix and match activewear sets make you look and feel great!

Many different types of spring activewear can suit your needs and moods at different hours of the day. Grab as many of these useful and versatile pieces to stay active and fashionable throughout the spring.


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