How to Spice Up Your Fall Wardrobe with Foil and Shine Jeans

How to Spice Up Your Fall Wardrobe with Foil and Shine Jeans

There are women's jeans, and then there are shimmer foil jeans. What, you might wonder, are these beauties doing in the mix? They're adding luster, excitement, and personality to your fall wardrobe, of course. Our comfortable denim undergoes a gleaming makeover just in time for the coolest months of the year, and the result is a pair of foil jeans that rivals even the glitziest and most glamorous dresses in your closet.

The Skinny on Shimmer

First, a little background: Shimmer foil jeans get their start in life as the comfortable, ankle-length denim you know and love. You can wear these bottoms with anything imaginable, from tunics to T-shirts to blouses. You'll never want for comfort or classic appeal in a pair, and you can trust them to be your companion as you navigate your busy schedule and handle everything from errand runs to Sunday brunches like you're in complete control of it all.

Shimmer, however, changes the game just a little. Sure, the jeans are still the epitome of all things comfortable. But now, they're just a little bit more eye-catching–and a lot more interesting. Fabric that sparkles and shines with your every move is always worth a glance, especially when it catapults your basic ensembles, including the aforementioned outfits you wear while you're running around town, into looks that are considerably more fashionable. It's all thanks to the addition of a glossy foil overlay that transforms basic denim into a material that looks sweeter, softer, and more luxurious than you could even imagine.

Shiny Denim for Days

What makes a pair of shimmer foil jeans extra special is their versatility. You might be surprised to learn they look just as chic with a plain T-shirt as they do with a women's sweater. There's just something so special about wearing jeans that aren't anything like your average pair. They look different, yet they feel as comfortable as ever.

Our cut features a sleek leg that negotiates your figure sleekly from thigh to ankle. That means you have styling options aplenty when it comes to letting those jeans shine. So what's the best way to top off this sassy new addition to your wardrobe?

Try a Tee

Don't be surprised to learn that you can treat shimmer jeans just like you do regular jeans. In other words, you can swap out your hyper-casual, go-to jeans for these and pair them with whatever you would normally wear on top, like a plain white tee. These contrasts are what make this look work so well. The combination of shimmery jeans in a pretty hue and a simple, effortless top is striking. It allows the bottoms to stand out on their own. You could stick with sneakers if you want to keep things sporty, but a pair of heels is an easy way to elevate the luxe factor.

Layers on Top

Oh, hello, cold weather! As the typical signs of fall settle in for the season, you'll find yourself reaching for the layers far more frequently. Yet, just because it's brisk outside doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style. Slip into your shine jeans, pull on a long-sleeve top, and finish with a lean women's down vest. This look is genius because it provides both visual contrast and opposing textures. The puffy finish of down is irresistible as the winds pick up outside, but you won't feel like you're wearing anything too heavy, thanks to the tightly-packed construction that lends the vest a super light finish. A little length adds to the look and balances the sleekness of your flashy jeans beautifully.

Dress to Impress

When you know you don't have to dress to the nines, you'll love wearing your tried-and-true skinny jeans as frequently as possible. But if you are ready to step things up, our shimmer foil jeans make a wonderful alternative. These jeans not only wear well in the fall, but they also make a smooth transition into winter. They're just dressy enough, and they'll look amazing with anything from a slinky tank top with a structured blazer and a statement necklace to a cozy cashmere sweater. Whatever the occasion, you can make these jeans work for you. Step into a pair of black ankle boots or pumps and you'll be ready to turn heads no matter where you go.

If you are ready to take your denim to the next level, shimmer foil jeans are a great option for your fall and winter wardrobe.


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