How to Spice Up Your Fall Wardrobe in New Ways

How to Spice Up Your Fall Wardrobe in New Ways

A new season brings on the desire for new outfits and a new wardrobe, but a total overhaul of your closet is often not an option, and to scratch the itch for something new, you have to invest in new pieces to refresh the old and offer different styles and touches than the previous year’s season.

Having a new look does not always mean having a new wardrobe. Pairing a new sweater with an old pair of pants, or a new jacket with an old shirt can make the old look new and fool anyone into thinking you had a full closet overhaul.

Switching Out Your Outerwear

In the fall, cute outfits are often masked by your outer layer while trying to stay warm on cooler days. Switching out your old jacket, vest, or sweatshirt can add a new look to every outfit. Fleece vests are cozy and come in several colors to match any shirt, tunic, or sweater underneath. Women’s lightweight jackets range from pullover fleeces to jean jackets to waterproof jackets providing many options to stay warm and dry.

Sometimes, simpler options can provide a subtle but drastic change. The default comfy fall look for many is a sweatshirt and jeans; however, a new sweatshirt does not need to be a basic crew neck or hoodie, sweatshirts can be spiced up with a quarter-zip, cowl-neck, or even a snap-neck pullover. Hoodies with interesting necklines make the simple outfit look more sophisticated and stylish.

Even Jeans Need a Refresh

Jeans have long been a critical part of any woman’s fall wardrobe, buying a new pair may not occur every year, but with new trends, it is time to invest in a new staple. Straight-leg jeans, boot-cut jeans, and wide-leg jeans provide a change to your wardrobe, likely filled with skinny jeans from the trends over the past couple of years. Adding a new style of a staple gives a new look to other constants; being able to pair tops from years past with a new fit in jeans offers a whole new outfit.

Another option is pull-on elastic waistband jeans for a new look without sacrificing comfort, especially as many are accustomed to working from home in cozy outfits, this option allows you to look more stylish than you may be ready to feel.

Tunic Takeovers

Tunic tops have countless options that can be paired with leggings, jeans, or corduroy pants. The ¾- and full-length sleeve tunics are perfect for fall weather, especially when they’re made from Supima cotton, which is known for being light and breezy—ensuring the sleeve length does not keep you too warm on an autumn day. However, sometimes it is necessary for that extra bit of warmth on cooler fall days, and flannel tunics and turtleneck tunic tops become the best option to maintain the tunic look while remaining comfortable on crisp fall days.

Staples in Sweaters

Timeless pieces are often staples in any wardrobe, but switching out these classics for newer ones spice up any wardrobe. Cashmere sweaters are a worthwhile investment for something cozy and nice. Cashmere sweaters range in styles with short sleeves, long sleeves, crew neck, button-down, V-neck, and turtleneck. Cashmere sweaters are timeless and sophisticated—a perfect option when spicing up a wardrobe but looking for something that will remain stylish for a lifetime.

Fleece sweater blazers are a chic option for work and evening plans as it has a professional look with a warm and comfy feel while spicing up plain T-shirts or pairing seamlessly with nice blouses. Women’s cotton sweaters are simple staples with a wide range of options for pairing, layering, and adding a pop of color to an ordinary outfit. Add a patterned sweater to a jean jacket and leggings to spice up a simple outfit and your wardrobe.

Color Pop

Color can be added in any of the aforementioned options for spicing up your wardrobe, but adding color in more than a sweater or tunic can add flair to an outfit. Basic layers in T-shirts, tank tops, and oxford button-downs present an opportunity to add color or pattern to wardrobe staples from previous seasons. Putting a brightly colored shirt underneath a more subtle sweater or jacket can make a common outfit look brand new and interesting.

Changing a season’s wardrobe can be pricey, but alternating staples within a wardrobe can provide new flair in well-worn outfits and make you have a new interest in old clothes. New pieces can make old ones feel renewed as you have more options for pairing and new opportunities to show off old staples as they complement new pieces.

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