Sparkling White: A New Take on a Bright White Kitchen

Sparkling White: A New Take on a Bright White Kitchen

Cool. Icy. Chill. Breathtaking. Countless words could conceivably describe the newest trend in kitchen design. Sparkling white is just as crisp and refreshing as it sounds, lending the space a fresh look. Beyond that, it also has the potential to open up the room and visually expand its size. The look is sleek and crisp, but it can also be warm and inviting. Of course, it all depends on the elements you implement in the space.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the possibility of adding sparkle to your kitchen, either! The beauty of this look is in its versatility — and you might be surprised to find how grounded it can look with the right type of furniture. Even the types of hand towels you have can make a difference in the room’s overall impact. Here’s how to make your bright white kitchen design goals a reality.

The Bright Stuff

What is it that makes a bright white kitchen so… well, “bright”? It’s all in the details. If that’s your goal, you’ll want to implement a glossy quartz or granite countertop that shines from every angle. It will set the tone for the space and lend it the quintessential gleam you envision. Without a shiny countertop, the room will appear decidedly less sparkly — and considering that’s a key part of this trendy look, it’s one you won’t want to overlook.

Then think about your cabinetry. As you revamp the room, you’ll need to make a big decision about the type that you want to install. While wood is the customary choice, you might veer in a different direction if you want to achieve a truly authentic take on a bright white kitchen that actually sparkles. This look calls for a more polished finish that you can achieve with a material like stainless steel or aluminum. Wood generally evokes a more farmhouse-style appeal, but it’s not entirely out of the question if you prefer to infuse a rustic space with sparkle. Adding a few additional homey touches, like scattered seagrass baskets to organize your belongings and keep clutter to a minimum, will also lend the overall finish a more down-to-earth look.

The Right White

White can be a surprisingly tricky color to incorporate — mainly because there are quite a few shades of white available. In a space with a generally sparkling, bright aesthetic, aim to use a cool white. Others are warmer and richer, and you can usually identify them at a glance because they exude a sense of coziness. There may be an underlying buttery or nutty quality that lends them their signature warmth. These types of whites tend to look best with shades of copper, gold, and champagne.

By contrast, the white in a sparkling kitchen is decidedly cooler. It’s zesty and sharp, with a cool underlying note that makes it the standout feature in the room by far. You might even consider it intense. If this sounds too bold and harsh to you, don’t shy away just yet — there are creative ways you can tone down the intensity just enough to make it more approachable and comfortable. It’s all in the details. Adding a fuzzy bathroom rug in front of the kitchen sink, for example, serves dual purposes. It absorbs moisture and prevents slips, but it also warms up the room instantly.

In the Details

The fun part is in decorating your sparkling white kitchen. While the overall vibe is definitely more sharp and contemporary, you don’t have to go in that direction. You can take a look in the opposite direction. The challenge here is finding the right complementary elements to make them sparkling white components pop without taking away from the spirit of the room.

If you choose to go for the modern approach, a streamlined and clutter-free aesthetic is best. The fewer items you place in your kitchen, the more intentional the sparkle and the crisp white hue will be. On the other hand, if you favor a more traditional look that veers in the direction of a homey, rustic, or farmhouse design, incorporating touches of wood throughout will bring some warm balance to the room. Even adding a plush throw pillow to each of the stools or chairs on your kitchen island can have a dramatic warming effect.

The Holiday Effect

During the holiday season, a sparkling white kitchen has the potential to turn into a winter wonderland! The secret is, once again, all in the details. White serves as the perfect canvas for little details that bring your space to life. For example, you can swap your usual hand towels for holiday-themed ones, and you can bet that the red and green designs on those will pop against that white backdrop.

Have fun bringing other accents into the space, too. A glossy table runner featuring sparkling snowflakes is a great addition to your Christmas kitchen and dining setup. All-white placemats etched with red candy cane trim can have a dramatic effect. Colorful napkins add a pop of contrast. It’s easy to take advantage of the season’s beauty when you have a sparkling white backdrop as your foundation.

Clean, stylish, and functional, a sparkling white kitchen evokes modern-day beauty — but is also easy to decorate in your own preferred style. With a little creativity, you can make any look a reality.

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