Slipper Styles: There Are More Choices Than You Think

Slipper Styles: There Are More Choices Than You Think

You might not think much of slippers when you slide into them at the end of a long day or first thing in the morning. The plush footwear serves the sole purpose of keeping your feet warm and toasty as you pad around the house. But since you wear them so much, it makes sense that you might want a pair that provides you with as much comfort as it does style. It turns out that there’s far more to selecting great slippers than you may realize. Here are a few choices to keep in mind.

Shearling Scuffs

You’ve been warned: You’ll never want to wear anything else once you slide your feet into a pair of snug shearling scuffs. Think of them as cozy comforters for your feet. They’re not just attractive, they’re also perfect to wear on the coldest days of the year. There’s a reason that you feel a chill course through your veins when you step barefoot onto a cold floor in the morning. The beauty of this style is that it’s also highly giftable, which means that if you happen to know someone who is into laid-back comfort at home, you can expect to earn rave reviews when you present them with these. Add a pair of cozy flannel pajamas and you can guarantee your recipient will treasure your gift this year.

Slipper Socks

While they may not exactly qualify as actual shoes, slipper socks offer the best of both worlds. They’re a more sensible choice for the person who’s always just a little too cold and can’t imagine going without socks. In that case, the ultra-fuzzy, super cute slipper sock presents a great alternative. They are available in a variety of comfy lengths. An ankle sock is just right if you favor minimal coverage and don’t necessarily want to cover up your legs; otherwise, consider a crew- or calf-length sock that provides even more warmth for those days that find you curled up on the couch with a mug of hot cocoa in your grasp. The best styles are designed with skid-resistant sole grips that supply you with just enough traction to make padding around the house a breeze.

Leather Moccasins

Since you need to prioritize comfort where slippers are concerned, it’s not too surprising that you probably haven’t considered the possibility that elegant styles actually do exist among moccasins. With that in mind, you’ll feel like a total fashion maven when you slip into a leather moccasin — especially one that’s monogrammed with your initials. There’s no denying the outward luxury of a pair of plush moccasins, especially when they’re made with materials like smooth suede and fluffy faux-fur lining. As cozy as your favorite down comforters, these shoes create cloud-like comfort, thanks to foam cushioning that nestles your foot with every step you take. The aforementioned faux fur is a genius finishing touch that keeps toes toasty on winter mornings and beyond. If you prefer a different material but love the look of this style, don’t shy away from the dozens of other beautiful moccasins at your disposal. Slip into a pair of sparkling snowflake clog moccasins and add a little shine wherever you go. Or, step into a bright plaid version that brightens up your loungewear and looks great with everything from yoga pants to nightgowns.

Fleece Clogs

Where materials for comfortable shoes are concerned, almost nothing tops the flexibility and endurance of polyester fleece. You may associate the material with jackets and pajamas, but it’s just as dependable when it cradles your foot in all-day comfort and warmth. Naturally, winter is a great time to acquaint yourself with a pair of fleece clogs, especially if you typically wear lightweight scuffs that don’t offer much support. By contrast, fleece clogs are designed with thick foam-enhanced footbeds that cushion your feet as you move around the house without fear of slipping. You can’t go wrong with a slipper that’s designed with a rubber outsole that rivals the stability of your favorite pair of sneakers. With these on your feet, you’ll feel safe even as you’re bounding down the stairs or rushing to the kitchen to check on what’s baking in the oven. Clog slippers are highly versatile, too; they’re available in a wide range of colors and festive patterns, and you can even monogram them for a chic personalized finishing touch.

Treat Your Feet

You’ll never go wrong with a pair of high-quality slippers. A great pair is more than just a fashion statement — it also provides you with support, stability and comfort with every step. Focus on consistency and reliability, and you can trust that you’ll enjoy wearing your cozy slippers for years to come.


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