Ladies' Guide to Buying Warm Winter Slippers

A Guide to Buying Warm Winter Slippers

There’s a lot to love about winter, from the beauty of the snowflakes falling to outdoor fun like sledding and skiing. At the end of the day, however, there’s something special and relaxing about getting cozy. The warmth of getting into your favorite pair of comfortable slippers makes all the worries and stress melt away. It’s just like getting into a warm bath or curling up in front of the fireplace. Get tips and more with this guide on finding the best warm winter slippers for women.

Get New Slippers at the Start of the Season

Winter can take a toll on slippers, from frequent wear to using indoor/outdoor slippers in cold temps. Make sure your feet are ready to be cozied up before the first snowfall hits by purchasing warm winter slippers in advance. Checks both kids’ and adults’ sizes – not only can sizing change, but they can vary depending on manufacturer, design, or brand. The size you wore last year might be a little different, especially if you are trying a new style. You may also want to coordinate them with flannel pajamas or robes.

Choose a Style You Love

The next step is to decide on a winter slipper type that works for you. You’re more likely to wear them and keep your feet protected if you like the style. Scuff versions keep the heel open and are easy to slide on and off. Moccasin types are stylish and usually fully lined for comfort and warmth. Clogs are durable and may be suitable for indoor and outdoor use, while styles like sherpa house slippers are cuddly and cute. Slipper socks and knit slippers are easy to pull on and off and throw in the wash. Kids will love styles like pull-on bootie slippers and novelty styles that showcase looks like their favorite zoo animals, cute monsters, and more.

Look for Cozy Linings

Your slippers will only be as warm and cozy as their linings are, so look for quality craftsmanship and materials with soft, comfortable linings that retain warmth and wick away moisture. Flannel linings are warm yet breathable, while faux fur is cozy and affordable. Shearling and sherpa provide a warm, luxurious feel, and acrylic or fabric blends can be long-lasting and wash well.

Consider Cushioning

Relaxing is only one of many things you’ll do after you've slipped out of your warmest winter coat and into your winter slippers. Whether it’s standing in the kitchen making early morning breakfast, running out to get the mail, or working around the house, chances are you’ll spend a fair amount of time on your feet while you’re wearing your slippers throughout the winter season. For this reason, just like your best shoes or winter boots, it’s important to look for good cushioning. A soft, cushioned foam or another footbed will ensure your feet stay comfortable and not fatigued.

Exterior Design Options

Exterior design options are good to consider not only because of style preferences but for warmth and comfort, too. Options include materials such as suede, fleece, cable knits, leather, sherpa, flannel, and more. Along with solid colors, you’ll find fun prints and patterns, two-toned styles, glitter looks for women and girls, and accents like bows, snowflakes, pom-poms, or flip-down fronts. You can even find winter slippers that can be monogrammed for a more personalized style.

Safe and Stylish Soles

Slippers are meant to be easy to slip on and wear, but they shouldn’t cause you to slip or fall while walking around. Look for slippers with a solid, durable sole or some type of grip on the bottom for safety. Many moccasin or clog styles may have indoor/outdoor outsoles made of durable rubber material. Indoor slippers may have semi-flexible soles with a moderate grip, and even slipper socks should have details such as rubber gripper dots for traction and control.

Caring for Winter Slippers to Keep Them Cozy

The right slipper care will keep your cold-weather slippers looking and feeling great. Make sure to follow the care instructions on the label. Many slippers are spot-clean only, though some designs are machine washable. If it is appropriate for the finish, use a water-protection product on indoor/outdoor slippers to protect them. Clean slippers regularly, especially if you notice any dirt or grime on the outside of the slipper. Tricks to keeping your slippers smelling fresh include putting on fresh socks before putting on slippers and giving your feet some time to rest after taking off your shoes before putting slippers on. To help cut back on odor, sprinkle baking soda inside the slipper occasionally. Some people also place dryer sheets in their slippers between use or use over-the-counter fabric refresher or odor sprays.

For long-term storage, make sure slippers are completely dry. Then, use a silica gel pack inside the slippers to prevent moisture, and store them in a low-humidity environment. Place acid-free tissue paper inside clean slippers and store them in an airtight shoe storage box. When it comes to cold-weather accessories, remember to grab a pair of the warmest women's slippers to keep you cozy all winter.


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